2021 fall hat styles for you and your OOTD!

2021 fall hat styles for you and your OOTD!

Hat trends rarely went out of fashion, but for fall 2021, it is here with a blast. There are various hat options that you choose from for your winter or fall styling, and it is perfect, especially if you are a hat lover. These hat trends that come in a wide range can help you up to your fashion game this winter! Headwear is something that everyone loves to splurge, especially if it gives their outfit the perfect touch of sophistication. And the best part about this season’s headwear is that there is a style for each individual. 

For quite some time, hats have made a loud comeback in the fashion world. This winter season’s most prominent fashion headwear trends include faux fur styles, beanies, flat caps, trapper hats, and more. While being a fashion statement, hats are also good investment pieces, as they would last you for long and are unlikely to go out of fashion in the years to come. However, it is essential to carefully look after your hats and store them properly for their longevity. 

Apart from hat styles, people also wonder about hat colours that compliment an outfit better than others; for this fashion season, camels, black, and other shades of brown come as intelligent choices. 

Below are a few hat styles that can help you stay trendy yet warm this season. Read on to find out! 

The classic Baseball cap 

Some may disagree, but this season, baseball caps are among the trendy pieces. Baseball caps are chic and can go with any casual winter outing. They are easy to maintain and easier to style while making you look effortlessly cool. Moreover, it also protects you from the winter sun! Most excellent and fashionable head wears, Baseball caps, know how to keep you stylish while also making sure you look fabulous. 

The flat cap 

The flat cap, also known as Newspaper boy hat, was traditionally worn by men, but in recent years the trend saw a resurgence in various fashion houses. More so, the hat style became a trend with historical period dramas where leads wore similar hats. Now, winter fashion 2021 is all about the flat cap. As a part of hipster culture, the hat style is now a must-have for every hat and fashion enthusiast. 

For fall or winter, your best option should be a classic wool flat cap. It would keep you warm while also giving you that cool hipster touch to your outfit. 

The bucket hat 

Contrary to popular belief, bucket hat styles never went out of fashion. And for the 2021 winter season, Bucket hats remain to be as fashionable. Bucket hat styles used to be popular among people because of their convenience and Protective design. Now the type has become a fashion statement, with its frequent appearance for famous brands on catwalks. The hat style is another wardrobe must-have this season. 


Faux fur fedora 

Among other hat styles, faux fur hats are another style trend that creates a roar in the fashion world. With a wide variety of faux fur options available, you can choose the best style that suits your face shape. The best part about faux fur styles is that this trend makes you look fashionable and keeps you warm against harsh weather conditions.       

The Beanie

The favourite among all individuals, beanies are back! The casual winter headwear is back in fashion for this season. Make sure the hat style, keeping you warm, also looks fashionable and completes your outfit. Wear it low on your head, avoid covering your entire forehead, and if comfortable, you can protect your ears as well. 

Wide-brimmed hat 

For a classier look, you can always opt for wide-brimmed hat styles. Straw hats are wardrobe essentials for all. The hat style is something that you should not stop yourself from splurging on. 

Wide-brimmed hats are soft, breathable, and perfect winter essentials. It not only safeguards your head from the harsh weather elements but also protects your skin from harsh winter sun rays. It is comfortable and an excellent option to give your outfit of the day a classic touch. 

The hair scarf 

Hair kerchiefs are possibly a highly fashionable choice of headwear this year. You need a trendy scarf, tie it at the back of your head, and you are good to go. 

The ushanka

Ushanka, popularly known as a trapper hat, is of Russian origin and perfect for cold winter months. The style made a comeback with popular premium brands introducing it to the fashion world. Trapper hats are best for winter adventures and ski slopes, letting you get the best of the fun times while keeping you warm throughout the harsh winter weather. 

Make your choice appropriately so that you can stun an event.

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