5 Budget-Friendly Hearing Aids in 2022


Most hearing aids companies offer high-priced hearing aids that many hearing loss patients cannot afford. So, here are a selection of affordable hearing aids that have all the necessary features. 

We have reviewed over 50 affordable hearing aids available to purchase online. The following 5 hearing aids stood out from their competitors:

  • Nano Sigma plus
  • Autiphon Rechargeable
  • Nano CIC Recharge
  • Neosonic Rechargeable
  • Soroya Advanced Rechargeable

We did not include hearing aids that needed to be purchased via audiologists as those devices can largely vary in price. All the devices on our list can be purchased from the respective brand’s website or from Amazon.

Let’s discuss these hearing aids in detail.

Nano Sigma Plus


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Virtually invisible
  • Smart noise reduction

Nano Sigma Plus is one of the latest hearing aids from Nano Hearing Aids. This device pairs with smartphones using Bluetooth technology. Users can easily connect their hearing aids with their smartphones to take hearing tests and adjust settings.

Nano devices have excellent noise-canceling technology to ensure clear sounds. Nano Sigma Plus utilizes 4 hearing aid channels to process sound and features multiple hearing modes for different environments.

When it comes to affordability, Nano sigma is one of the best devices to get. Users can get a pair of Nano Sigma Plus for less than $800 US.

Autiphon Rechargeable Hearing Aids


  • Noise reduction chip
  • Whistling proof
  • Rechargeable

Autiphon rechargeable hearing aids may interest hearing aid users if they are looking for an affordable rechargeable hearing aid. These devices are priced at less than $200 US and are smaller than a quarter dollar.

The intelligent noise reduction chip ensures natural sound, and the whistling-proof dome gives extra protection from noise. Mild – moderate hearing loss patients can utilize this device with ease.

Autiphon rechargeable hearing aids have excellent design for day-to-day utilization and are very easy to use. They offer unlimited customer service, 30 days full refund policy, and a 1-year replacement warranty with their devices.

Nano CIC Recharge


  • Easy volume control
  • 6 different plugs 
  • Advanced DPS noise-canceling feature
  • Fast charging base

For users looking for discreet and rechargeable hearing aids at an affordable price, Nano CIC recharge is one of the best in the industry. One can collect Nano CIC hearing aids for less than $400 US.

Nano CIC utilizes advanced DPS noise-canceling technology to allow users to hear better. The buttons for controlling the devices are very easy to use. Like other Nano hearing aids, this device utilizes 4 hearing channels and multiple hearing modes.

This device comes with cleaning tools and 6 months battery supply. This is one of the best-selling devices from Nano hearing Aids.

Neosonic Rechargeable Hearing Aids


  • Dual microphone
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Rechargeable

Hearing loss patients with mild to moderate hearing loss can easily afford this device. This device has two microphones to ensure the best possible hearing experience for the user.

These hearing aids come with their own charging station and utilize 4 hearing channels to analyze sounds. The multi-layer noise reduction and feedback cancellation ensure users hear natural sounds.

This device is FDA-approved and offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. Also, users can consult their customer service as much as they want. This device comes with a 1-year warranty as well.

Soroya Advanced Rechargeable Hearing Aids


  • Dual-microphone
  • Advanced noise-reduction
  • Rechargeable

This RIC style hearing aid is comfortable, has excellent sound quality, and has a price of less than $500 US. The advanced technology in this device minimizes feedback and sound distortion. 

The dual-microphone of this device ensures an excellent hearing experience for users. This device features 3 adaptive hearing modes to help users listen better in different environments.

This device comes with a 45 day trial period and a 1-year manufacturing warranty. These devices are as thin as pencils that allow users to stay discreet about their disability.

Buying Guide

Hearing Modes

It is common for people to move around and switch up their environment regularly. When someone moves to a new place, they may find that the sounds and noises around them are noticeably different than before. This can often be difficult for hearing aid users adjusting to constantly changing sounds.

Most digital hearing aids now come with multiple settings to avoid problems like that. The hearing aids can be customized to fit each individual’s unique requirements in varying situations. Some hearing aids can change modes automatically depending on the situation.

Noise Canceling Feature

It is common for hearing aid users to face difficulties due to background noise. They are not able to hear speech or music clearly due to the noise in the environment. Noise-canceling hearing aids can help users to hear properly by reducing background noise.

The hearing aid’s residual volume adjusts accordingly whenever any sound is heard. Depending on the users’ requirements and the environment they are in, the appropriate sound frequency volume is increased, and the rest are decreased.

Therefore, hearing aid users can avoid hearing the noise and have a better hearing experience.

Multiple hearing Channels

Multiple hearing channels analyze the registered sound in different frequencies. Then the hearing aid program increases the volume of appropriate frequencies for the users and cancels or decreases volume for other frequencies.

The more channels a hearing aid device has, the better it can identify different frequencies. Thus the user can get the best hearing experience from their hearing aid.

Mobile-device Connectivity

Smartphone-connected hearing aids offer greater flexibility for users. This feature makes it easy to control devices discreetly.

A growing number of digital hearing aids can now connect with smartphones via Bluetooth or WiFi. Hearing aid users can easily calibrate their hearing aids and change modes discreetly by connecting to smartphones.

Additionally, smartphone connectivity allows users to stream phone conversations and music directly to the hearing aids. This ensures clear sound to help hearing aid users.

Assistive Device

Assistive hearing devices offer greater flexibility for individuals to select which sounds they want to hear. By streaming sounds directly from the sound sources via hearing assistive devices, users can effectively avoid background noise.

These devices help users to participate in lectures, listen to music, and watch TV with enhanced clarity. Thus, individuals with hearing loss need to find hearing aids that can work with assistive devices.

Tinnitus Masking

Tinnitus is one of the most common problems that patients with hearing loss face. They may experience buzzing or ringing sounds in their ears that are not related to any external noise.

Hearing aids produce white noise at a similar frequency to that of tinnitus, which masks the condition of patients. So, this is one of the crucial features to look for while getting a hearing aid.

Bottom Line

Many hearing loss patients used to avoid using hearing aids because of their high price. However, the situation has changed a lot over the years. Now, many hearing aid brands like Nano Hearing Aids are manufacturing affordable hearing aids.

Make sure to check out the features of the hearing aids before purchasing. That way, users can ensure that the hearing aids are perfect for addressing their unique hearing complications.

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