5 Ultra-Fast VPN Apps for Android users

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Finding a VPN to safeguard your Android is tricky. There are hundreds of bogus VPN applications on the Google Play Store that might infect your Android with malware. So, you cannot rely on most VPNs to safeguard your data and privacy.

We have evaluated over 30 Android VPNs to identify the safest ones and provide complete security. Overall, there are the seven best VPNs. Among them, five VPNs offer super performance for Android and guarantee the fastest speeds, advanced security, and worldwide networks. 

5 Ultra-Fast VPN Apps for Android users

Here is the list of 5 ultra-fast VPN apps for Android users. VPNs on our list are very user-friendly and ideal for Android streaming. A brief overview of each one is given below!

  1. ExpressVPN

The Android app from ExpressVPN provides top-notch security to keep you secure online. Thanks to military-grade 256-bit encryption and absolute forward secrecy, your online behavior is almost difficult to read. Even if the encryption key were found, it would be useless for decryption since it is updated regularly.

VPN offers an automated kill switch to inform you that your internet would be suspended when the VPN was unplugged. These security measures provide you with the peace of mind that your Android connection is secure.

The app supports various security protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and proprietary Lightway protocol. Lightway was created with mobile devices in mind. Thus it works well on Android. You may switch networks without the VPN disconnecting, and it’s small and light, so it saves battery life. It took  less than a second to connect to a Lightway protocol server.

  1. IPVanish

IPVanish provides lightning-fast speeds. I evaluated six places throughout the globe, including Australia, Italy, Japan, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Japan server was the fastest. While connected to your Android, you won’t have to suffer from excessive loading times or buffering.

Its Android app is quite user-friendly, giving you a lot of information and personalizing your experience. It shows the ping of each server as well as the load percentage. So, you can see which connection is faster. 

Furthermore, it provides split tunneling, allowing you to pick which sites are sent via the VPN and which are not. There’s also a port selection option, which comes in handy if your ISP throttles or disables your Android connection. If you suspect this, change ports to increase performance.

  1. ProtonVPN

If you are more concerned with privacy and security for your Android, ProtonVPN is the best option. ProtonMail, a free and encrypted email platform, was founded by one of its founders. Furthermore, Proton has spent years actively lobbying to preserve internet freedom. 

Even in its own country of Switzerland, the firm battled against restrictive legislation. As it is not within the authority of the 5/9/14 Eyes, the fact that it operates in this nation is also a privacy advantage. 

ProtonVPN’s Android app is even open-source and independently inspected, demonstrating its commitment to your privacy. The advantage of open-source programs is that they are routinely inspected for security flaws. 

  1. Private Internet Access

You may pick how you want to safeguard your Android using Private Internet Access (PIA). To improve speeds while maintaining basic security, you may switch to 128-bit encryption, which is very handy for torrenting. However, for optimal security, it offers a 256-bit mode. This option may be found under “Connection Preferences” in PIA’s settings.

A mix of security and privacy protections keeps your data secure. A kill switch and DNS prevention are included. It passed with zero leaks. Furthermore, it follows a stringent no-logs policy, confirmed during our testing.

  1. Private VPN

With a Private VPN, you can easily access the most popular streaming sites on your Android smartphone. It worked with all of the streaming services. You can view Fatherhood on Netflix US without any loading periods or buffering. It also allows you to select the best servers for streaming, ensuring that you may broadcast without interruption.

Its constant speeds make it ideal for streaming on your Android device. It also has a configuration option for port forwarding, which may aid speed. On your Android, you’ll always have quick and dependable access to content.

The Bottom Line

We have described the five ultra-fast VPN apps for Android users. You can also use free VPNs. However, we don’t recommend free VPNs as they are not fast and reliable. So, it is better to avoid them to protect your data and privacy. Also check out, why corporations use VPN for security.

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