7 Useful Tips from Experts in Furniture Removal

7 Useful Tips from Experts in Furniture Removal

Are you getting the best out of all your office or household items and utilities? Can you access them easily or are they thrown all over while some are piled in a corner? Furniture junk can deny you a quality life if you let it sit around for so long. Unlike other junk items, removal can be quite stressful. Moving furniture is difficult because most of the items are bulk and heavy. 

It is even worse if your house is big and you intend to move tons of stuff stored over years. Thinking about the hassle alone can make you reconsider removing your furniture. Don’t give up yet. These 7 useful tips from experts in removal can help you have a hassle-free removal. So, take time and learn more about furniture removal.

Plan In Advance and Set Timeline for Furniture Removal

Chance favors the prepared mind. Experts in removal advise that you should plan in advance with a timeline in mind. This will guarantee an easier, organized, and efficient way of removal. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring furniture removers, you need to have a specific date set to avoid procrastination. Setting a date and timeline will help you determine the time you will take preparing for the removal. Preparation will include measuring your furniture size against the doorway size so that you can disassemble bulky furniture that doesn’t fit. Failure to do so will have you stuck and confused on the final day and end up delaying the process. 

Sort Out Your Junk Furniture and Do an Inventory

There is no way you can remove your furniture without sorting them first. Once you have identified your non-functional furniture meant to be disposed of, you have to sort them out by type. There may be items that are still fairly new, some in good condition, while others may be totally damaged. Enter this in an inventory that will guide you on what to do with each item.

There are some you may have to dispose of, some may be donated, while others can be resold. The inventory will also help you itemize the furniture in the section of the office or house, by brand, condition, and age. Moreover, an inventory will help you plan the storage of items you will be retaining and guide you on how to stack the one for disposal. This will make your removal process faster and organized.

Value Your Old Furniture

Expert removers’ advice; the next best thing you should do after inventory is value your old furniture. You may be wondering, why value items you are going to get rid of? Well, you never know; the furniture you may find useless but is still in good condition can fetch you cash. In addition, when you plan on replacing your furniture, wouldn’t it be good to spend less doing so? 

You can sell your furniture in thrift stores, flea markets, on online sites, or in a yard sale for way more than you expected.  What’s more, valuing your furniture can make you reconsider disposing of them. Instead of buying new ones, you could just repurpose them or upgrade them.

Put Safety First

Lack of proper equipment and expertise, lifting and moving bulky items could injure you or the people around you. Similarly, a lack of knowledge of removal for specific items may expose you to toxins from hazardous material. Keep children away from the busy environment where bulky items are being moved around. 

Make sure you get all the information about handling different furniture items. Also, get the right tools that can enable you to safely lift bulky furniture. Alternatively, you could just hire professionals to do the job. Licensed furniture removers have the proper training in handling anything, hence can remove and dispose of it safely.

Have an Organized Loading System

Imagine having to go through a messy pile of furniture while loading it up. You will be stressed. While collecting your furniture for loading, you should consider making the process easier for yourself. The best way you can achieve this is by having a central collection point. Make sure that you don’t mix up the furniture. Pile them up in the order in which you categorized them by type and disposal means. This way, you will have a swift and easy time loading them.

Have a Proper Plan of Furniture Disposal

After all the planning, you already know what to do with the junk furniture.  However, as experts advise, it is even better to know where your furniture will go after removal.  Different municipal authorities have different rules for the disposal of junk furniture items. You have to find out in advance how the items you have can be disposed of or recycled. 

Even if you are working with furniture removal services, you should find out from them what they accept and what they don’t accept. If you operate on assumptions, you may find yourself in a stressful situation when your furniture won’t be accepted.

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Get Professional Help

You may feel like you are up to the task and what you know can help you do the job without hiring professionals. Experts disagree on this. You may manage to do it, but is it worth the risk?  Lifting up furniture, maneuvering with it in corners, and loading it up requires tact and skill. 

Moreover, you could injure yourself, or others, since you don’t have the right equipment and you don’t know how to do it correctly. Professional removers have the expertise in delivering service while adhering to safety standards that will ensure your satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

If you have done furniture removal before, you would know that it can spin you into confusion and chaos if you fail to plan in advance. If you are doing it for the first time, you are better off preparing yourself. While you may have done due diligence on furniture removal research, there are some things you cannot do on your own. That is why you need to consider hiring professionals to handle things for you.  Consider these tips for removing furniture and save yourself from unexpected eventualities that could ruin your project.

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