9 Signs You Need to Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer

Dedicated WordPress Developer

708 million WordPress websites on the Internet today. 14+ percent of the top websites run on WordPress. This includes several Fortune 500 companies and global leading platforms.

If you are using WordPress as a CMS for your business website, pat yourself on the back for making a wise choice.

One reason why you would have picked WordPress would have been its ease of use, right?

But don’t let that stop you from hiring a dedicated WordPress developer.

Ease-of-use is subjective. It depends on technical proficiency, availability of time, and the level of dedication.

And as a business owner, you obviously aren’t a techie and have other pressing matters at hand to consider.

Consider a probable situation. Would you be willing to leave a client meeting to fix the font size on your site? The choice is obvious. You need a full-time expert who can develop and maintain your WordPress website.

Here are 9 reasons why you should hire a dedicated WordPress developer.

1. Customization

There are millions of websites built using WordPress. Many of them would be in your niche too. Some could be of your competitors’ as well.

Using everyday WordPress themes would let your customers know that you are no different from others offering the same products/services.

With a dedicated WordPress developer, you can get bespoke themes and plugins developed. An in-house developer can also customize the look and feel of your website as per your user journey. This will help you not just stand out but also make your website a money magnet. 

2. Cost benefits

If you have an in-house tech team, you might consider offering them WordPress training so that they can develop and manage your business website. Or you might consider getting help from third-party WordPress development companies

Both these options are costly. An in-house WordPress developer would be cost-effective.


Even after you spend money on training your existing team, they won’t have the required hands-on experience.

And WordPress development agencies will charge you for not just a developer, but also a project coordinator, manager, etc.

With a WordPress developer, you get expertise and experience for the cost of 1 person’s salary.  

3. Quick resolution of issues

Let’s say you hire a freelance WordPress developer or maybe an agency. Now suppose something goes wrong with your website. It could be something huge like a potential hack attack. Or maybe something trivial like a 404 error on one of the blog pages.

How will you get the issue resolved?

In the case of a freelancer: Send them an email or text message and wait for them to respond and get to work.

In the case of a WordPress development agency: Send an email or message to the project coordinator, who will then relay the message to the developer, who will then fix the issue if they get time from other projects. 

And by the time all this happens, your website would remain down or dysfunctional and you’d have lost potential customers.

Here’s what would happen if you had a dedicated WordPress expert: As soon as the issue would have arisen, the developer would have fixed it, maybe even without you knowing about it. 

3. Round-the-clock availability

Freelancers and WordPress development agencies almost always have multiple projects at hand. And they can only dedicate a few hours to your website.

When they are working for other clients, your business website would take a backseat. But that won’t happen if you hire a WordPress developer in-house. The dedicated developer would only be focused on your WordPress website. This will ensure a faster time-to-market, quick bug fixes, and round-the-clock availability for any updates and changes. 

4. Higher accountability and better quality

WordPress website development is not a one-time job. Once the website is live, it needs constant updates and enhancements, based on the changing business environment and evolving customer needs. Also, bug fixes are required. But in the case of contractual developers (freelancers or agencies), once your website is live, their accountability ends. Not in the case of an in-house WordPress designer and developer.

Someone who is on your payroll would always be accountable to you. And thus, you can expect a better quality of work. 

5. Easy website maintenance

WordPress rolls out updates every 3 months on average. The theme you use and the plugins you install also need updates. The content on your website also needs to be updated frequently. You also have to do regular security audits and take timely backups.

Who do you think will do this? You have three options. 

  1. You pay for expensive WordPress maintenance packages offered by development companies. 
  2. You hire a series of freelancers and get patchwork done. 
  3. You ignore your core tasks and do it yourself.

None of these sound logical or beneficial, right? Hiring a WordPress expert in-house is the best bet. With a dedicated developer working for you, you get post-launch support as well as long-term maintenance services. 

6. SEO services

WordPress is SEO-friendly out-of-the-box. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to carry out search engine optimization on your WordPress business website. While you might not need dedicated services, you’d definitely need basic technical SEO. This includes adding Google Analytics, setting up a Search Console account, creating SEO-friendly URLs, maintaining and updating the XML and robots.txt files among other things. 

Without an in-house expert, you’d have to pay separately for these services. Most experienced WordPress developers have knowledge of basic WordPress SEO. And in-house experts will be able to offer these services at no additional cost. 

7. Data confidentiality

Dedicated WordPress Developer

Your website is a data mine. It has business insights, user data, and confidential information. Everything that hackers and your competitors want. 

Hiring freelancers or third-party developers will leave all this business data exposed to prying eyes. 

If a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your WordPress development agency or freelancer is your only line of defense, think again.

Suppose your website development company or freelancer violates the NDA. Your data would be exposed. That will cause colossal damage. And your only course of remedy would be a long and expensive lawsuit. Totally not worth it.

With an in-house developer, your business data remains within the firm, and data confidentiality is guaranteed.   

8. User-centric experience

Every business is unique. Your website’s target would be unique too. And your website’s UI/UX should be designed to offer a suitable experience to your user.

Do you understand a third-party agency or freelancer to know your user as well as you do? No, right?

However, a WordPress developer working closely with your sales and marketing team (and you) would be in a better position to understand your user and their requirements. Thus, more equipped to design a user-centric experience on your WordPress website. 

Finding the right WordPress Developer

Your business website is one of your most important digital assets. And you cannot randomly pick anyone to design, develop, and maintain your WordPress website.

Before onboarding anyone, ensure that they are:

  • Technically qualified
  • Have enough experience in building and maintaining WordPress websites
  • A cultural fit for your organization
  • Within your budget

While you can definitely try hiring for the position on your own, a simpler, more effective alternative would be a talent connect platform. Such platforms have pre-vetted experts that you can hire within 48 hours. You just have to pay their monthly salaries. And if you don’t find the developer to be a suitable match for your business needs, you can request a personnel change. 

Don’t wait up anymore, hire an expert WordPress developer today.  


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