Buying a home in Pennsylvania


Owning a home can be one of the most significant accomplishments for someone to have. It should be a dream of most people to own their own home. What steps do we take to get to becoming a homeowner? Pennsylvania is a vast state compared to most. As far as square mileage and population are concerned. It is home to two major cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. We wanted to know what it was like to own a home in both cities. They are both on opposite sides of the state from one. We are watching the mortgage rates start to increase slowly. Does this mean it is the wrong time to buy? What must someone do to be ready to buy a house? There are plenty of first-time homebuyers out there looking to purchase their first residence.  

First time home buyers’ requirements 

There are plenty of things for someone to have to do before they go out and buy a home. The first place to start in this process is to save money. As potential buyers, people will need to put down a fair share of the money when buying a home. If someone is a first-time buyer with good credit, someone can get away with putting down as little as three percent of the cost of the home only if someone has good credit. The lower a person’s credit, the more money lenders will want someone to put down for the home. If someone is not good at saving money, someone may want to start learning little tricks to help people save money better. The second thing to do is apply to certain mortgage companies for a loan to get pre-qualified. Once someone gets pre-qualified from mortgagors, buyers can start to look for houses. People always want to get more than one opinion on a mortgage rate. The first company someone applies with will hit a person’s credit score. The trick is to apply with as many companies as someone wants for up to 45 days. It will allow an individual to get as many rates on the table as they want. The third thing to do is pick a skilled real estate agent familiar with the area people are looking to buy a home. It will give a buyer an aggressive advantage over other potential buyers. 

Owning a home in Philadelphia 

Once a person finally gets that home, a person can become a homeowner. There are plenty of things for someone to keep in mind. Philadelphia is a vast city with over a million people who live here. Owning a home here can be tricky and expensive, depending on what area. When we buy houses in Philadelphia, we want to make sure we buy them in the right neighborhood. When someone buys a home, that will increase in value and benefit our needs. Be careful though certain areas can have high tax areas where homeowners pay thousands of dollars. There will be much Maintenace on a home if someone does not buy a brand new home. Homes in this city date back to the early 1900s. It could cause someone to make any repairs to the home. Make sure buyers research what area they decide to buy a home in before buying.  

Buying in Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh is a much smaller city than Philadelphia as far as population is concerned. The square mileage in this city is about half the size of Philadelphia. Though it is a small city, the house prices have been on a serious increase. It is considered one of the hottest cities in America for homeowners to buy property. There are plenty of home buyers of Pittsburgh looking to move into this real estate market. What does it mean to own property here in this great city? People must be aware that it does get cold here with tons of lake effect snow throughout the region. In this city, there are plenty of homes dating to the late 1800s. That is considered an ancient home; People may run into some problems if the home is not updated. Buyers can find some hot areas to buy a home, Regent Square, Point Breeze, Squirrell Hill, Greenfield, and Highland Park. If someone can get a home in either of these areas, it will be a happy homeowner.  

Buying a home is rewarding

No matter what city a buyer decides to buy a home in, it will be a rewarding experience. No one wants to rent the rest of their life. Especially the fact that renting can be more money than a mortgage. Yes, people may have to make costly repairs, but this is not always the case. If someone could get lucky, years can go by without fixing a leaky faucet. When a person buys a home, they have inspection periods to make sure they know the home they are purchasing. Once someone becomes a homeowner, they should feel very proud since it is considered an enormous accomplishment.

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