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History of CBAK Energy Technology

In August 2001, was founded CBAK Energy Technology. It is enterprises leading high-tech and globally engaged in the manufacture, R&D, to sales lithium batteries of high-power. The products of CBAK Energy include a cylindrical battery, polymer battery, an aluminous shell square battery, and so on. The applications of our solutions and products cover areas such as electric buses, electric vehicles, backup power supply, light electric vehicles, electric tools, energy storage, etc.

In 2006, with CBAT stock code CBAK Energy in NASDAQ listed, which is China enterprises first production of lithium-ion battery in America listed.

In 2013, a wholly subsidiary owned established of power battery of Dalian CBAK, production base and large R&D built, focusing on power battery operation.

1n 2014, the headquarter of CBAK Energy moved to Dalian


What about CBAK Energy Technology

China BAK Battery is formerly CBAK Energy Technology is a holding company. The company engaged and its subsidiaries in the commercialization, manufacture, and distribution of lithium-ion customized rechargeable batteries or a range of standards for use in applications. Rechargeable batteries of lithium ions of five types of manufacture by the company.

These are:

. Battery pack

. Aluminum-case cells

. Lithium polymer cell

. Cylindrical cell

. High-power lithium battery cell

These company products are used primarily in electronic devices and mobile phones, and packing plants sold these products, and third parties operated them. For many applications, these products are used like light electric vehicles such as electric motors, electric bicycles, and cars sight-seeing, or in electric vehicles such as electric buses, electric cars, and electric tools such as UPS, energy storage, and other applications of high power.


Development and aims of CBAK Energy Technology


CBAK Energy has developed successfully

Cylindrical tables batteries large-sized in

Energy density with boost 25% and cost

Saving 20%

In an essay about EV Market by the writer of essay help uk explained this term as CBAK Energy is the provider of electrical energy and manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries of the world. Now cylindrical large-sizes tabless battery developed by CBAK Energy and about 32140 products are released and passed these products officially to its Pilot Plant and technical tests, and the success of this model demonstrated by research products. And the

requirements of these products are achieved by mass production. The construction of a new production line standardized planning by CBAK Energy, and aims of CBAK Energy to achieve delivery of mass products in 2021 first half.

In recent years CBAK Energy’s main focus development and research of cylindrical battery large-sized. Compared to these products to the previous model, one cell energy capacity 5 times increased as well as energy density increase 25% and per kilowatts reduction in cost 20%. The three new versions will have a new model with different three anode systems, that fulfil the different marketer’s needs, which are LinMn2O4, LiFePO4, or NCM.

Internal resistance reduced dramatically in the tabless battery design, that problems solved of heat dissipation sufficiently in lithium battery of large-sized. To compare the tabless design of the Teslas cathode in its model 4680, the tabless design CBAK applied for both cathode and anode of the battery, and each cell performance greatly improved.

In the energy storage and electric vehicle market very competitive becomes CBAK Energy technology due to its high energy density, internal resistance extremely low, high durability, or material cost. The cylindrical new series are also developing by CBAK with lower cost or better performance for the market need.


Statement by Safe Harbor

A forward-looking statement released by the press. And the made of forward-looking statements pursuant to the provisions of Safe Harbor.

All relating forward-looking statements to the CBAK Energy business and its companies subsidiary, that recognized by the use of the terminology of looking-forward such as expects, or believes, involve risks unknown and known and uncertainties could real expression cause.

These include factors but not the company’s ability to meet its agreement obligation and contract, the uncertain market for the lithium battery cell companies, macroeconomic, regulatory, business, technological, the profitability of cells battery for energy storage affecting by other factors. The risk related to the business of CBAK Energy and in China operating.


Why stock continued CBAK Energy Technology its Rebound

The stock of the battery makers of the Chinese some interesting moves have made in the past two weeks. The Chinese share of CBAK Energy Technology for making lithium rechargeable battery, on Friday rise again, in early trading 17,7% as much as up, and holding gain 8.2% onto at 12:08 p.m. it is the consecutive second day of stocks big gain even after bigger losses of two days.


So What

On Friday no news appears, no analyst upgrades, from the management press release no excited. But rather that it appears that now CBAK Energy lower share, so to buy it traders can taking advantage. And the price that asked to pay is considerably better because CBAK Energy has a better future. Last Friday closed shares of CBAK Energy stock that is about below 28% trading.


Now What

Now the debate on the discount price of the CBAK Energy is a real bargain and will not get again. Now about in five years, a profit not earned by CBAK Energy, and still CBAK Energy burning cash about $5 million at the rate a year.

It’s less burning cash it said that than last year, and last year burn rate $23 million exceeded. And it thinks that in China electric cars demand growing that might demand boost of CBAK Energy batteries.

And the traders are rushing towards the stocks of CBAK Energy, but the revival share price notwithstanding until the improvement and significant sustained.

The traders that want to invest in CBAK Energy Technology should hear the news that reveals by legends of investing Co-founders of Motley Fool Tom Gardner and David revealed they believe for investors the best 10 stocks but was not CBAK Energy Technology of them. From the last two region’s service of online investing, they are run, and they think for investment some other best stocks exist but CBAK Energy Technology not best like other best stocks.

CBAK Energy Technology is the best approach of China that are used to making lithium led batteries of large-size, and the products of this are used in many applications. These are a very useful approach. But due to losses last days now the share of CBAK Energy divided. But it still the best approach to profit because CBAK Energy has the best future.


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