Checklist to Look for Roof Repairs and Maintenance Needs

Checklist to Look for Roof Repairs and Maintenance Needs

Westchester is one of the most popular counties in New York, with a population of over 1,004,457 residents. The U.S Census Bureau reports that there are over 377,297 housing units in the county. It is a buyer’s market and has great demand for homes that draws in hundreds of new residents. New homeowners have as much stress as they have excitement as they have the responsibility of checking on and maintaining the house and fixing any repairs that occur. One such responsibility is roof maintenance which is also one of the most expensive ordeals if any major issues occur. Keeping a check on the roof condition and consulting with Westchester roof repair professionals ensures longevity and reduces long-term expenses.

Conduct a Baseline Through Initial Roof Inspection

Generally, homeowners consult professionals to inspect their roofs twice a year to examine their condition and intervene if necessary. However, new homeowners might benefit from more frequent examinations. Usually, the insurance companies and the banks require inspection reports before sanctioning insurance coverages or mortgages. Also, they can use these reports to determine the condition of the roof, its quality, reliability and need for maintenance in the upcoming years. These are some areas of concern that they can look into.

Damaged or Loose Shingles

Westchester generally has a subtropical climate, with higher altitude houses experiencing humid continental climatic conditions. Snowfall is common in the area and is often between 20 and 25 inches. Due to such extreme climatic conditions, the roofs of residences can experience damage or deterioration over time. With the force of the wind and snowfall, the roof shingles go missing or experience damage. They could also curl, buckle, corrode or develop bare spots. Homeowners must take note of this and hire Westchester roof repair professionals to fix them at the earliest.

Signs of Roofing Issues on the Interior

Before climbing on the roof looking for signs of damage, homeowners must examine any signs of issues on the inside. Water damage on the roof can manifest as peeling paint, water stains, leaks, drips, mildew and mould. If they find such issues, they must be cautious while inspecting the roof. In places where snowfall is high, they would also benefit from examining beams and trusses for signs of rot, rust or cracks.

Check for Cleanliness-based Damages

If roof cleaning is not a routine, homeowners must check for dirt and debris that can accumulate and cause damages to the roof. Debris from the trees and surroundings can rot or decay on the surface, clog the drains, or be home to wild birds and animals. Fallen branches can also damage the roof construction. The residents must schedule tree maintenance along with roof repair if branches fall on the roof.

Restore the Flashings

Homes that have skylights are usually supported by flashings that need maintenance. Residents must ensure that there are no gaps in between or the flashings are not pulling away. They could indicate leakage or other serious damage to the roof. Additionally, they must check for mould in such places.

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Examine All the Structural Components Individually

Checking the roof involves not only the shingles and the flat surface but also the pipes, vents, drains, chimneys, skylights and any other equipment installed on there. Homeowners must check for signs of cleanliness, rust, moss, fungus, rot, peeling paint and more. Structural damages like bent or sagging pipes and missing components can also prove dangerous for the residents and require immediate repair.

Check If Older Repairs Are Intact

Repairs of roof components can often fail if not done by an experienced professional. Check these areas separately and have the roof repair professionals look at them if any issues occur. Double-check with them to ensure that the issue is fixed.

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