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The era of video is coming, and video marketing is quickly becoming a fixture in the digital world. Astonishing research shows how widely it is utilised and its impact on the present market. Indeed, according to a recent study, 83% of marketers agree that video must be a key component of their marketing plan. According to the same survey, more than half of consumers who see a professional sales video of a company on social media interact with it. You’re falling behind the times if you haven’t included video into your company’s marketing strategy yet. Because high-quality, professional movies are now easier to get than at any time in history. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should use video to promote your business.

A high return on investment

When making professional sales video, you may be anxious about the price. Estimates for everything from production personnel to video equipment and the amount of time it will take to finish the project are considerable.

Alternatively, if you choose to use the services of experienced filmmakers, you’ll have to think about how much money you have to spare.

You won’t hesitate to spend the money if the expenses are weighed against the rewards.

Investing in videos pays off handsomely. A plethora of data shows how video can pay for itself many times over.

Increases Sales and Conversions

Videos may have a significant impact on your website’s sales or conversions. Adding a video to a landing page may boost conversions by 80%. As a result, one in four consumers uses YouTube to research items before purchasing.

As most people would agree, vision is our most dominating sense; this isn’t surprising. When we were young, our elders taught us to recognise colours and forms by presenting us with engaging visuals in books and television.

In the same way that youngsters are attracted to visuals, today’s consumers are likewise drawn to moving images that elicit an emotional response.

Boosts Your Internet Presence

An effective video marketing strategy may help your firm launch a new internet campaign and boost the strength and effectiveness of an existing one.

More than a billion individuals subscribe to YouTube, according to recent data from Social Media Today. It’s estimated that over 100 million hours of video are seen on Facebook every day. Those figures demonstrate the power of video and its ability to increase exposure for your business via the medium of video.

To raise awareness of your business, videos are a great way to get your campaign off to a good start. Instead, you may use videos to build a solid online presence if that’s what you’re after.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

7 out of 10 marketing professionals upgrade their video content for search engine optimisation. Google knows that displaying videos with relevant material on the homepage or landing page will increase search engine rankings.

As a result, your website visitors will spend more time on the site because of the video material you’ve published.

When you search for anything on Google, you can almost always count on seeing a video relating to your topic appear towards the top of the results. However, make sure your material is optimised and relevant so that Google ranks it highly.

The effectiveness of advertising is improved.

While most internet users prefer to read rather than watch, video content has a far more significant impact. The correct combination of graphics and music may entice viewers and even pull at their emotions, resulting in a more positive user experience.

Full-page advertising with video content will increase user engagement. A staggering 4.6 billion commercials with video content are seen each year.

Generally, videos are significantly more appealing than text or photographs. As a result of their complexity, they are more attractive to the eye and ears.

Maintains a Long-Lasting Online Brand Ad

Just think about how much more exposure your website would get if you created and shared a relevant video across all of your social media platforms and on your YouTube channel. Without any fees to you, this film will be there for a long time, driving visitors to your landing sites and showing up in Google search results.

For as long as your lease is in effect, you’ll see TV and print adverts. If you have a video online, it will be working to keep your brand and service offerings visible.

It would be best if you took advantage of its cost-effectiveness to boost your bottom line.

Boosts Mobile Marketing

There are almost a billion people who use YouTube. Almost 40% of those subscribers use their mobile devices to view the content.

You need to know this information to guarantee that your customers have a pleasant experience on your site. Expand the reach of your business by making your content mobile-friendly.

Initiates a Culture of Giving

Another eye-opening stat: Video content produces over 1,200% more social media shares than other types of content. When contrasted to words and pictures, this is the case.

Videos are more likely to be shared than links, photos, or text. Even if they don’t know it, their peers will enjoy it if it includes essential knowledge.

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