Five Things You Should know about iTop VPN

iTop VPN

If you are into computing, you understand the essence of having a VPN service. This toolkit handles several applications, key among them being the protection of your browsing session. Some offer device protection, keeping of viruses, and other malware programs.

One of the best VPN for Windows PC that you can get is iTop VPN. It is an excellent utility with plenty of resources that you can take advantage of. When getting such a toolkit, you need to know how it works and what to expect. We do you justice by bringing you essential things to know about iTop VPN.

1.   It Is A Freeware

A thing to love about iTop is that it is a free VPN service. It has a free package that is ideal for new users. You can use this package as a trial version before upgrading to the premium plans with amazing deals.

2.   Lightweight And Versatile

A crucial part of using iTop is downloading and installing it on your device. Here, you get a taste of its user-friendliness and versatility. Its convenience comes to play courtesy of its lightweight design, meaning it does not take much of your device’s storage space.

Its versatility is evident where it is compatible with most operating systems, including new and older versions of Windows. The download process is fast if you have a strong internet connection.

3.   Access To Geo-Restricted Sites

iTop von will grant you access to geo-restricted sites and platforms. It manages this feat due to its access to over 1800 servers spread worldwide. You can use this service to access sites restricted from your location, including gaming and streaming platforms. You can enjoy entertaining content regardless of where you are.

4.   Round The Clock Support

It is commonplace to have an issue with any toolkit. The customer support center will help you out with the matter most of the time. If you have any problems using iTop VPN, you can reach out to the customer support team.

The support is available 24/7, and you can reach them via several channels. You can call the team if the issue is urgent and you need a speedy response. Other channels are email, sending an e-ticket, or communication through iTop’s social media handles. The response is generally prompt, and you will receive the help you need.

5.   Malware Protection

Besides ensuring that you can access restricted sites, iTop VPN will also see that you have protection against malware such as viruses that can harm your device. Also, there is an ad blocker that blocks off popup ads. A tracker blocker guarantees you safety against trackers that may compromise your online security.

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You can easily term iTop VPN to be the best free VPN for Windows when you look at the quality of the services it offers. This piece brings you five things you need to know about this utility before using it. There is nothing to complain about its service, an assurance of the finest level of protection. Get into a premium plan and enjoy more of iTop VPN.

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