Guide on How to Choose Your First Watch


Looks hold significance, and this isn’t something that should be a surprise. In this way, being able to present yourself is crucial. One of the best ways you can display yourself as an individual to the world is through your wrists. The wrist itself has no personality and is like a blank canvas. However, you can showcase some serious characters using it. 

One of the best options you could choose to cover your wrist is a beautiful timepiece. A watch can mean so much more than just a piece of jewelry. It shows your taste, compliments your look, and gives you confidence. 

The watch becomes a part of you, and the bond between the wearer and watch grows stronger as time passes by and as they go through hardship together. The bond often grows to such an extent that it becomes a treasure to a lineage, an ornament to remember the ones who wore it before you.

If you are looking to choose your first watch, then this guide is sure to be helpful for you.

Key Points to Note When Buying Your First Watch

Once you’ve made up your mind and are heading towards the store to buy your first watch, there are some things that you must always keep in mind. 

Alongside price and weight, it’s important to take design into consideration. Always go for a watch that isn’t excessive and has a simplistic design. Overdoing may make you look stand-offish, whereas an adequate watch with a decent design may appeal to people more. 

Here are some other considerations that you must consider if you wish to head towards the store and buy a watch. 


A thing to consider while buying a watch is your budget. The price variation is quite intimidating when you first enter the market to shop for a new watch. For beginners, we recommend a budget of $80 – $120. This is a sweet price spot as you are getting a nice timepiece that will last and not break the bank. Now, a good watch doesn’t have to be expensive, but watches that cost a lot provide more functions and are much better than ordinary or cheaper watches. 

Brands like Casio are my favorite in this budget as they have a history in making accurate watches and a heritage of quality that the Japanese are known for. Though if you are willing to spend more, you can dive into the offerings by Citizen for about $400-$500. Remember, you get what you pay for.

If you plan on buying a decent watch and have a considerable budget, you can also choose to go for a luxurman gold diamond watch. A watch of this sort does not only look exemplary but gives off a sense of elegance. Watches that are somewhat expensive also give out a feeling of affluence alongside looking extraordinary. 


The watch will be on your wrist for the majority of the time you are outside. So, making sure it’s comfortable to wear is a must. Weight is the biggest contributor to how a watch feels when it is worn. A heavier watch will feel more substantial and sturdier but will fatigue you if you wear it continuously for long hours. 

A lighter watch will be more comfortable to wear for long periods but will feel cheap and flimsy to some. Every person is different, so choose what best suits you; beginners should generally start with a watch that is lighter in weight, so they get the time to know and experience the watch and not get fatigued wearing it.

Adding more to the size of the watch, men tend to wear larger watches, whereas women wear minimalist watches. This is because the size of wrists varies between both men and women. Watches that occupy a larger area of your wrist may look much better on the wrists of men. Furthermore, a bigger watch would also make a man’s wrist stand out much more. 


The purpose for which you buy your watch should be considered when purchasing one. Although watches perform the same main function, that is telling the time in some scenarios. However, some watches are better than others due to them being manufactured for that particular purpose. 

For example, if you are an adventurer and frequently go out camping and hiking, a G-SHOCK will likely be better suited for you as it has a built-in compass and a radio in some models. They are sturdy and are built to function in harsh outdoor conditions. 

If you are a keen diver and need a watch to keep track of the time, so you know how much oxygen you have left, then a diving watch is best as it is mechanical and is water-resistant, ranging from 50 meters to 300+ meters. Seiko and Omega are best in the business if you are looking for a diver’s watch. 

If looking for a collector’s item and money is not a problem, a Rolex or a Patek Phillipe is a fine addition to anyone’s collection. Swiss watches are known for their heritage and attention to detail, truly the finest incarnation of the art of watchmaking.

Keeping all the above in mind, you can now go out there and purchase the watch which is right for you!


Conclusively speaking, a good watch can elevate anyone’s style, regardless of age, gender, religion, or ethnicity. A watch can also work as an amazing gift, no matter the cost. Considering that a higher price doesn’t always indicate that your watch is that great, it’s highly important that you spend money on a watch that is striking and doesn’t cost all that much. 

Finally, a watch also works best as an accessory and can easily be paired with whatever you plan on wearing. A watch looks highly appealing alongside a dress shirt, a tuxedo, or even a casual shirt. This is great about watches, in general. 

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