Here’s Why SMS Messaging is Still Relevant for Businesses

SMS Messaging

SMS or text messaging has been around for about three decades now. Given how old it is and the rise of online messaging, many people have discounted the effectiveness of SMS. Though most people today would instead use an online app to message others, there are times when an SMS is not only helpful but appropriate or necessary, including in business. According to Forbes, SMS will be a primary marketing tool for the future. The following is why SMS messaging is still relevant for businesses:

They Reduce Marketing Costs

SMS messaging will remain relevant in the future because they are free to send. Because of these,  SMS significantly reduces any business’s marketing costs. Despite costing less, they are still effective and will reach their recipient, which makes SMS extremely valuable as a marketing tool. If you particularly compare the cost of SMS to any other marketing tool, the difference is enormous. Small businesses with minuscule marketing budgets, in particular, will enjoy taking advantage of that and using it to their benefit. Moreover, clients can quickly and efficiently respond to text messages, making them a responsive marketing tool.

Text Messages Increase Interaction

Granted, you can still get a high level of interaction using online messaging apps, but they are not as cheap as messages. Moreover, you have to be online to receive and respond to a message via an app in most cases. You can also send text messages from various devices, including those without internet capability. With Slack SMS, you can send text messages directly from a landline. Therefore, text messages increase interaction, which is crucial for any marketing campaign. The speed and ease of interaction with SMS will ensure that it will remain relevant for business in the future. 

SMS is Customizable  

SMS are highly customizable, meaning you can tailor each message to the recipient. You also can send and read messages from any device, making them an almost ideal marketing tool. Therefore, you can connect to the recipients regardless of where and what device they are using. Optus SMS Gateway will allow you to send an SMS from any device and customize them to meet your business needs. Moreover, you can track, store, measure, and analyze SMS messages which are vital for evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

SMS Messages Are Discreet

Compared to other forms of marketing, SMS messages are very discreet. If you need to share something privately with an existing or potential client, all you have to do is send them a text, and you can be sure that only they will receive it. Email and social media messages are prone to hacking and hence disbursement to multiple irrelevant parties. Also, text messages are less likely to be labeled and treated as spam, which means you are assured of discretion and surety of reception.

SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is an old form of communication by today’s standards, but it is by no means irrelevant. SMS will still be used in the future, and their use as a marketing tool may increase going forward. Businesses that take advantage of SMS marketing will have a higher chance of success than those that don’t.

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