Home Improvement: Refreshing a Bathroom Look in USD $200

Home Improvement: Refreshing a Bathroom Look in USD $200

Even simple bathroom renovations eat up hundreds of dollars. That’s why you can hesitate to take this route. But a bathroom doesn’t require expensive upgrades to look stylish. Plenty of budget-friendly ideas are available. So, what if you cannot indulge in a clawfoot tub right now. Your restroom can be pretty and attractive without it. A few minor changes here and there can do the trick.  It would help if you kept an eye on what might work for this corner. As you choose and apply, your bathroom’s transformation will be evident before your eyes to relish.

For example, the tired-looking sink faucet can be an eyesore in your vanity area. You can change it with any modern design found for USD $100 to 200 to revive its beauty. However, don’t forget about the configuration of your bowl when buying new restroom faucets. It is particularly relevant for a vessel sink. Like this, there are some more décor suggestions for the same range. You can spend this sum on different items at one go, spread over time, or at regular intervals. The approach can be entirely yours.

The drab vanity

Trying to remove and refurbish everything can be costly. Instead, you can salvage and repurpose whatever is possible to give your bathroom a cost-effective makeover. If the vanity is old and faded, consider repainting it in your favorite color. Don’t have any specific preference? How about applying a coat of turquoise shade? You can add little details with pops of colors in the form of a soap dish, knick-knack tray, a small flower vase, etc.

The blank walls

Everyone knows about the magic fresh wall paint can do in any surroundings. As a DIYer, this can be exciting for you. With a bit of change of colors, you can attain your design and décor goal effortlessly. The walls with two color tones stand out easily. You can get painter’s tape from the nearby store and decorate the walls with shades of cream and taupe to infuse life into the plain walls. Once done, the new look will be difficult not to notice and admire.

The dull lighting fixture

Do you have an old chandelier? You can make it all new and beautiful with the paint saved from the vanity coloring job. The fixture in its fresh coat of color can add the missing shine and glamour without demanding extra investment. Make sure to use aluminum foil for wrapping crystals. It will keep them safe from paint. After it is dry, you can fix it. This simple replacement or addition in the restroom can bestow a touch of elegance to the ambiance.

The standard accessories

Sometimes, a place lacks life despite having everything. Your bathroom sink area, for example, can have the best sink and faucet. You hanged an artsy mirror above it according to the space to enhance the whole effect. Yet, you can feel something is missing. It happens when all the items don’t contribute to the aesthetics other than serving your daily practical needs. You can avoid this situation quickly through some minor tweaks. Do you like to add a hint of luxury? Since metals like brass are efficient in this, you can replace your old soap dispenser, tissue box, toothbrush holder, and other such accessories to welcome them in the new form. These small changes can redefine the entire aura of this corner.

The absence of freshness

Greenery can immediately elevate any corner’s charm and make the whole area breathe fresh merely through its presence. You can add a humble palm leaf tree if you have a spare corner close to your bathtub or sink area. Its transformative effect will be palpable even to the tired eyes. And most importantly, you don’t have to spend a large sum to achieve this. In USD $100 or less, you can fulfill this.

The bare floor

Exposed bathroom floors can look cold unless they are wood. If your flooring is some other material, you can place a rug in a strategic position to add a dose of instant warmth. Plus, rugs with unique patterns, colors, and textures can be fun. So it can be one valuable addition. If you support eco-friendliness, go for organic carpets of bamboo, jute, or other such materials. Or, you can choose a new bath mat instead of this if you don’t get anything suitable.

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The empty side

Is there some free space close to the bathroom door? In that case, the wall behind the door or in front of it will be empty. You can add an attractive hook there to hang a robe. You may wonder about its contribution to the décor. But this simple thing can give your bathroom a spa-like vibe. You can keep replacing the robe to introduce a pop of color in that seemingly elusive corner.

The missing story

In interior décors, weaving a narrative is pretty helpful to create interest. You can focus on a specific spot and leverage it for this purpose. Since the sink area happens to be the most versatile nook, you can try something here. Do you enjoy rustic appeal? You can add sconces, a golden faucet, an oval mirror, and other such items to impart a formal flair. All these will have a certain grounded charm, and their uniformity can give your bathroom a new character. It will also represent a creative side of your personality that sees beauty in everything, regardless of age.

There are hundreds of design and décor ideas like these. You can browse through them and make your list of decorations. Before buying anything, you can visualize their impact on the spots they will adorn. If something looks amiss, you can try it in some other corner to assess its decorative value. You may want to drop it if that doesn’t look convincing. To be precise, go through your shortlisted accessories, imagine their presence in the bathroom, and then go shopping. You will enjoy decorating your bathroom more when you are sure about your choices.

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