How Store Owners Used Custom Window Decals to Express their Creativity During the Pandemic

Custom Window Decals

Physical retailers (store owners) have suffered a lot over the last decade. The rise of eCommerce meant that their business models were growing unstable every year. Then these businesses were hit by the COVID19 pandemic. The pandemic aggressively fueled the digitization of consumer shopping behaviours.

Had the COVID19 pandemic lasted a few weeks, not months, temporary changes to the business models would’ve been sufficient. But, a year-and-a-half later, it’s hard to argue against large-scale budget cuts and business model changes. According to data published in a recent Forbes article –

  • In 2019, online purchases represented less than 15% of all retail sales in the world.
  • In 2021, online purchases represented over 20% of all retail sales in the world.  
  • That’s a 50% rise in eCommerce adoption in less than two years.

To meet the demand shortages, many store owners have resorted to budget cuts. Many have dropped their digital marketing plans and returned to using old-school, cost-effective traditional marketing tools. Customized window decals have become the must-have marketing tool for all small businesses’ promotional marketing plans.

Understanding the Popularity of Window Decal Marketing

Window stickers/decals have always been one of the most underrated types of marketing tools. For centuries, local business owners have used these business signages to enhance their brand visibility in local communities. These decals are extremely affordable. They are the perfect low-budget tools for storefront advertising.

Plus, store owners don’t have to obtain city permits to set up colorful, branded decal displays on their windows. Apart from promoting new products, discounts, or other brand-related information, decals can be customized to display all types of messages. Here are some creative ways local business owners used decal decorations during the pandemic –

  • Display Support for Community: Exterior vinyl decals can make any store look aesthetic. Printing supportive messages on these decals make them even more appealing. Windows are perfect places for local business owners to emphasize their brand’s support for the local community. When helpful messages, bible verses, etc., are shared via these decals, public support for the store grows.
  • Highlight Important Health-Related Guidelines: Window decorations aren’t meant to be informative – they’re meant to be appealing. But vinyl decals are very cheap and easy to replace. Savvy store owners used these factors to their benefit and designed their decals to share important health-related information to local audiences. Sharing information that benefits public health is a moral duty for all business owners. Smart store owners used custom decals to display these details on their stores’ windows. They also gained some goodwill along the way!
  • Helping People Return to Normalcy: As stated above, it doesn’t cost much to print design elements and change them seasonally on low-cost vinyl decals. Now that the pandemic is slowly ending, store owners are using decals to advertise new services, discounts, seasonal specials, etc. They are also printing new store hours, important COVID-related notices, etc., on their decals.

Windows are unused real estate for store owners. Using low-cost, customized decals to optimize these free spaces is an amazing way to entice customers.

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