How to choose the best material or fabric for your outdoor curtains

How to choose the best material or fabric for your outdoor curtains

Going by the market movement, the best or rather the most popular fabric for patio curtains/drapes is olefin fabric. You also call it polypropylene. It’s a solution or fiber that entails pigment dying. You can easily clean it. The fabric is UV-resistant and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

  • There are plenty of different fabric and yarn choices when you’re selecting olefin fabric. There’s no need to confine your design expertise and bandwidth while choosing the fabric.
  • Olefin is a form of synthetic fabric. It goes through pigment dying to ensure stability in colors.
  • It entails quick drying and doesn’t fade easily under direct sunlight. The marine carpeting industries choose this fabric because of its built-in UV resistant properties. 
  • Olefin is a fantastic choice for fabric for patio curtains. Acrylic is another prominent fabric that provides excellent performance in the outdoors. 
  • Acrylic has attained a lot of popularity with leading brands in the category. They have a vibrant selection of colors that range in solids and stripes. 
  • Avoid indoor and canvas fabric as they contain the same protective finishes and yarns that you have in your outdoor fabric.

Some important features

Before purchasing patio curtains, you need to ensure that they are ready. The material must withstand wear and tear and elements. It needs to be available in patterns and colors that you love the most. It needs to be relatively lightweight and integrate a sufficient flow. It will look beautiful after you hang it.

  • Water resistance is the most crucial feature. Your patio curtains must allow quick-drying, even after a spell of showers. 
  • Some fabrics absorb too much water, such as canvas and cotton. These fabrics may become too imposing on the deck after heavy winds or a rainstorm. 
  • They are at a greater risk of developing mildew and mould issues. 
  • They need to be fade and UV resistant. Direct sunlight can affect your outdoor fabric. 
  • Exposure to UV rays on the fabrics you don’t treat can cause extreme bleaching and fading. It leads to uneven colouration and dullness in a surprisingly short period of time.
  • In addition to eco-friendly features, a GREENGUARD certification is also crucial. The manufacturers make sure the products meet the most stringent and dynamic standards for volatile organic compounds’ low emissions.
  • It’s a pivotal way to protect the air quality inside your rooms.

Things to remember

When deciding the right spot to hang your patio curtains, take the existing edifices in your lawn into account. These backyard structures include patio, pergola, deck, or balcony. It needs time to find out the best placement. Take the wind’s general direction into account along with foliage in the area. 

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You need to where to install the curtains for blocking the sun, which would provide the most enjoyment. It’s also important to optimize the space with the right placement. For instance, hang patio curtains across the deck’s western flank to make sunny evenings or afternoons livelier and more enjoyable. 

If you’ve the space, install proper mounting hardware into the bottom or side of wood beams.

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