How to draw a surfboard?


Everyone knows the classic shape of a surfboard. Long, tall, with a unique nose and beautiful fins. Every surfboard price range is different. Many boards are white, which means they are perfect for adding to your artistic flair. It is not a simple process and requires some money and time, but as I will show you, the results you can get when painting a surfboard can be incredible. Plus, adding a custom paint job to your dashboard will definitely make it stand out.

If you are the type who loves a beach holiday, you will not want to miss popular activities like swimming. Among the most common activities you can participate in is surfing.

Surfboards come in different designs. Look at different types of surfboards to get a good idea of ​​what type of design you want to decorate yours with. Here we will draw two types of design: one board decorated with llamas and another decorated with Hawaiian flowers.

In general, there are three different types of surfboards, each of which is targeted at a specific level of rider. Each level of surfboards is made of different materials. The composition of these materials is directly affected by how the surfboard will be used. For example, a novice rider needs a board that can withstand beatings, while an advanced board must have very specific torque requirements.

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Drawing instructions

It’s surfboard clipart time. Grab a sheet of paper and get ready to draw your first dovetail fin surfboard.

The following instructions can be performed by both adults and children. The goal is to keep it neat and simple. The first and foremost is to use a pencil to draw the outline of the shortboard.

  • Draw the outer curve of your shortboard from nose to end.
  • Make the rail inward and make sure to make room for the tail;
  • To show the fin, we need to add perspective. Draw a curved line parallel to the outer edge of the inner rail to add depth to your board;
  • At the bottom of the surfboard, connect both curved lines at an inward-facing point until you get a W-shaped tail.
  • Draw a straight line, the crossbar, between the center of the tail and the nose of your surfboard.
  • Draw a single fin that comes out from under the shortboard and near the tail.
  • Add cool surf patterns and designs to the deck or even a logo near the nose.
  • Finally, you can always color your surfboard to give it a summery feel.

You can start your drawing with a pencil so you can erase and correct mistakes or improve curved lines.

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When your surfboard is finished and looking good, you can use a black pen or marker to highlight the contour lines and graphics on the deck.

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