How to overcome the challenges of learning science at school

learning science at school

Science can appear to be a difficult subject to some students. While the first instinct may put the blame on the students’ learning abilities, that is far from the truth.  More often than not the teaching methods are a culprit.

Every student has a different learning process. They adapt differently to the different learning techniques. Moreover, even the learning pace varies from one child to another. That is why a holistic learning process also has to be inclusive. It cannot separate students based on the marks they get.

And most importantly, understanding science is very important as its utility goes beyond examinations and school. Moreover, it is also fascinating to understand how this world works. It liberates the mind of children and helps them explore things beyond the mainstream.

Thus, not just academically but also for personal growth, science is very important. But most students grow an aversion towards the subject when they don’t understand something. The first and the most important step here is to make the subject fun for them. They will automatically start liking it then. But how do you do that? Here are a few ways you can overcome the challenges of learning-science at school by making it fun

Backyard Science: One of the coolest things about science is that it is application-based. This means there is a scope of implementation or observation of whatever one reads in theory. This makes it easier to understand.

Most science experiments can be tried at home. Be it physics, chemistry, or bio, small-scale demonstrations can be carried out under the supervision of adults. And the best part is these experiments are fun to execute. So students will also enjoy them a lot. It will also ignite a lot of curiosity in them.

Tutor: Science is fun, but it can also be very complex at times. That is why it is important to make sure that students understand the concepts well. In schools, collective learning makes it difficult to discuss concerns over and over again. Many students also feel shy to raise their problems in front of the class.

That is why one-on-one attention is so important in subjects like science and math. They ensure that you don’t get lost in between all the difficult concepts. Moreover, they keep revising the older topics so that they remain fresh in your head. A science tutor will also give you enough worksheets to practice your concepts. This kind of learning also enhances understanding of the subject.

Documentaries: Science documentaries can be extremely interesting and engaging. Even short series on Discovery Channel and National Geographic can be so insightful. Thanks to the internet, there is a plethora of content easily available on a wide range of topics. 

Watching documentaries is a very good way to overcome the struggles of learning science through theory. Reading doesn’t come easy to everyone, but watching does. So suit yourself and make sure that you’re supplementing what you study in school with documentaries.

Science Comics: Comic strips can make even the most boring things fun. Science fiction is a very prominent genre and has many types of content. One might think that it is impossible to understand something academic through fiction. But that is where you’re wrong.

Science comics are a wonderful way to make sure that lessons are made fun to understand with the help of stories and narratives. This also means that students will remember it for a longer period.

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Virtual science labs: With the pandemic shutting down schools, students have lost connection with practical experience. However, practical classes are non-negotiable in subjects like science. Students need to understand the application of what they are studying in theory. An alternative to that is virtual science labs.

These labs hold online sessions using 3-D technology and Artificial Intelligence to demonstrate science experiments to students.  The visuals help students develop a better understanding of what they’re learning.

So, now that you know the fun ways in which you can overcome your struggles with science, implement them and see how the subject changes for you. 

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