NetBase Quid Social Media Audit Can Also Be Used for Influencer Engagement

NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid Social media audit is the process of understanding how social media influences your business’s bottom line and understanding the influence of your competitors. It is a key marketing and business tool for managers and strategists. This tool allows you to analyze social media activity to find which channels are highly effective in attracting followers. With a social media audit, you can see which media and channels are working the best for your brand.

NetBase Quid is built to match up the audience of your competitors, find out what they’re saying, and provide insight into what customers are saying. With this social media audit tool, you can learn what content is most effective for your business to drive consumer engagement. The process involves collecting and analyzing consumer posts and interactions for posts about a brand. It is used as part of a more holistic social media strategy.

Marketing Decisions

Key information extracted from social media analytics is measured and analyzed, which is used to drive better marketing decisions. When conducting a social media audit, it is helpful to ask yourself questions such as:

  • What social media channels should I be using?
  • How many posts should I be using on every social media channel?
  • How should I encourage social sharing on each of my social media channels?
  • What are the best and worst-performing social media strategies on my social media channels?

Build Relationships

Social media is an invaluable and powerful tool to connect, acquire, engage and build relationships with customers, prospects, and stakeholders. There are many open doors and opportunities to grow through social media for your business; however, not everyone understands social media and how to harness its power.

If you want to see the social media effectiveness of your brand and industry, you can’t rely on your customer service team to do it for you – they won’t have access to all of the channels, customer data, and personal interaction history of your customer base. You need a platform that you can grow and build social media programs for the business and collaborate with your business and social teams to share insights and answers to questions from customers and prospects.

Engaging Audiences

Social Media Audit (SMA) helps brands understand how their social marketing efforts are engaging audiences. An SMA looks at ROI and establishes how invested companies are in social. It is a systematic and non-quantitative look at what you and your organization’s brands are doing online to garner an understanding of your content’s performance on social media and to make decisions on how to continue to improve your brand’s online presence.

Social media is a crucial marketing tool. Brands need to have a proactive social media strategy in place to drive customer engagement and revenue. NetBase Quid is a unique and powerful solution that brings social media audit to life for all types of companies. NetBase Quid uses powerful data science to generate actionable insights from social media. The process evaluates and measures the social media of brands in order to find out if they are being effective or ineffective in communicating with consumers.

NetBase Quid Structure

Developed over the past year, NetBase Quid uses an Artificial Intelligence platform to simulate human conversation to uncover what people are talking about, and more importantly, to understand what is and is not going to have an impact on the business bottom line. NetBase Quid engages 50 billion conversation engagements with its consumer and brand communities across popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, among others.

NetBase Quid spearheads the process of reviewing and analyzing social media accounts in order to get the most detailed and accurate view of a business’s customer base. The vast majority of businesses today have one or more social media accounts. To protect your business and reputation online, it’s important to monitor them and respond to a wide range of negative social media trends, while also monitoring positive trends.

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