What are some good streaming sites like Project Free TV?

Project Free TV

Project Free TV was the preferred destination for viewers who wanted to access free TV online. It was closed abruptly in 2017, causing disappointment among viewers.

Other websites are trying to hide the truth, but they could also be shut down. This indirectly affects viewers who must stop watching online content.

But, it may not be as dire as you think. We have compiled a list of the top 12 websites that provide the same content.

Why was Project FREE TV closed?


Although the application is free, it is not allowed to be used in any way. This is why many people love to associate with them.

They are the reason behind many bog companies such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. They lose their income. Finally, legal action is taken against the owners of these applications. They realize they must shut down the current application and create a new one.

Sometimes, Google can detank a website. However, the new site is not found in search results. To avoid being penalized by Google, the website continues to buy new domain names.

To find the most recent additions to this section, people should follow original Facebook, Twitter, and other social media handles. This is something that they can’t do on Facebook.

So what are you waiting for?


Generally, piracy is not promoted however if you still want to look for Free Project TV you should try looking on other search engines. While it would not be found on Google, other search engines are fine with its presence.

If you do manage to locate the website, you need to make sure that you are using an extension to block ads.

This ensures that cookies and other information are not linked to any third-party websites. You should also be cautious not to share your financial information, such as credit cards, with them. Some websites might sell your data to hackers.

Top Websites Similar to Project Free TV


1. CouchTuner

This app provides the top-rated shows in full HD 1080p. It is a joy to watch them. This website is for you if you’re a couch potato. There are many other options, but this website offers a good experience.

For those who can’t live without TV, project-free TV is a great option. There is a lot of information available and many websites keep their lists updated every day. If you want to live like your favorite TV characters, then one of these websites is for you. Remember that website security is important and that you should keep this in mind when making your decision.

2. ProjectFreeTV

Another great site is this one. All the latest episodes are available for you to select from. As long as your internet connection is stable, you can continue to work on the same problem. Although the website’s author states that he cannot be held responsible for any information shown, the website serves its purpose well.

3. Project free tv

Project free TV is still the original website that uploads all kinds of online programs. You can watch your favorite shows all day without being interrupted by ads. This website is free to use and disruptions are comparatively low.

4. WatchSeries

The watch series is all about television shows, as the name implies. You can stream unlimited TV shows with no breaks. You can watch full episodes, and they stream very smoothly. You can access working links to your favorite shows, and choose the ones you are most interested in. You don’t have to limit your choices, as there are so many shows.

5. YouTube

YouTube offers all types of video content and is an alternative to Project Free TV. YouTube is constantly updated with new content, and people from all over the globe contribute to it. It is accessible on all platforms, including desktop, android, and iOS. It is available on desktop, Android, and iOS. You are notified when there is a new channel. This helps you to know when it has been updated. It is easy to use, and you can also find free content. It is a great place to showcase your talents and spend a lot of time following your favorite singers and stars.

6. TubiTv

Tubi tv is another name to include here. You can adjust the content according to the device on which you access it. It offers many types of content and doesn’t just focus on one area. It is easy to find what you are looking for. Tubi TV is available on many platforms and will keep you informed about new content.

7. FOX

Fox can be considered as a free project TV option, especially because it offers both TV and movies. However, it only has American content. If you don’t mind this limitation, you can still enjoy some great shows. It is possible to share the content via your social media accounts, which is quite interesting. You will find new content every minute. This is why the website is so popular with those who enjoy online content.

8. TvPlayer

The UK’s most popular media streaming site is TV Player. It can be accessed on both mobile and desktop, making it extremely useful. The free version gives you access to almost 95 channels. You can view your content from the website by clicking on HD quality links. This website offers a wide range of content, making it an enjoyable experience.

9. Kshow123

Korean TV shows can be very interesting and entertaining, and Kshow123 streams only such shows. You are kept informed about any changes to the content. The content is high quality and you will enjoy every second of your visit to the website. If you enjoy Korean shows content, keep coming back to this site.

10. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is very popular and you can share videos made by others. You can also use the library feature to save your favorite videos, watched later, and most recently viewed videos. If you have the tags and channels that you want to follow, you can search for specific types of videos. You can also see videos and third-party content from other users, which expands the number of things you can view.

11. Vimeo

Vimeo allows you to upload and share videos. Apart from that, there are no advertisements on the website. This is an important feature. You can add your favorite videos to the website and watch them later if you need. You can also enhance the quality of uploaded videos. You also have access to a video school that hosts all tutorial videos, and a music shop from which you can add music to your video.

12. ShareTV

ShareTV operates in a similar way to Project free TV. All TV shows with new episodes are updated in real-time. You no longer have to wait for new content. Most of the content is from western countries, so you will be limited in what videos you can see. This website can be viewed online if you don’t mind. To keep up with all the latest updates, you can bookmark this website.

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