What Are The Benefits Of Using a Multiple Monitor Setup

Multiple Monitor Setup

Are you the innovative type with all the latest gadgets and digital tools? Perhaps you’re simply looking for the ultimate technological experience? In that case, you might already have your 6 monitor setup. Then again, why not view more options to see what’s new on the market? After all, those are the top computers in the industry for you to maximize your multiple monitor experience. The best part is that you have nothing to lose by submitting your name, email address to get some initial information.

Benefits of a 6 Monitor Setup 

Whether you have two, three, or 6 monitors is a personal choice and everyone has an opinion on the best option. Clearly, you need to make your multi-monitor setup work for you. Regardless, you’ll be enjoying the following benefits: 

  • Increase productivity 
  • Simple cutting and pasting 
  • Comparisons 
  • Connecting 
  • Ergonomics
  • Double up home entertainment

Increase productivity 

Various studies show that you increase your work efficiency by anywhere from 20% to 50%, depending on how you use your multiple monitor setup. Essentially, it’s all about how you arrange your workflow and lay it out across your screens. 

For example, you could have your news sources on one screen followed by email on another and word followed by excel and your PowerPoint slides and yet other screens. These days, we work on so many different programs and communicate through many channels. So, it’s much easier to be able to spread them all out across multiple monitor setups. 

Of course, this assumes that you have a good computer with the right integrated graphics card and power supply to be able to actually update all your display images and charts efficiently. In fact, it’s worth noting that your video card is one of the most important components regardless of whether you use Windows 10 or Mac. 

That’s because it basically enables your screens to show you what you’re working on. You might therefore want to check that you have the best brands for your graphics card to run your images. These are NVIDIA and Radeon. 


It can get various tedious tabbing through files when you’re comparing documents or cutting and pasting across different programs. On the flip side, with a 6 monitor setup, it’s very easy to simply drag your cursor across the screens. Clearly, it also means that they’re nicely laid out in front of you so that you can read across them more accurately and without losing your place. 


Sharing data is also much easier on a 6 monitor setup. Again, you can just drag across your data or media files. In fact, this makes video and photo editing much more efficient. This is also the time when you’ll be grateful for having a graphics card with a powerful GPU specification. 


Laptops are great because they’re so mobile but they can make you scrunch over the screen. Instead, having a 6 monitor setup means that you can arrange all your monitors at exactly the right height and distance away from you to avoid any muscle injury. 

Moreover, there’s nothing stopping you from having a laptop rather than a desktop as your main device to support your multiple monitor setup. You can then disconnect it whenever you need a change of scenery. 

Double up home entertainment

Let’s not forget that life isn’t just about work. We need some fun too and a 6 monitor setup makes for the perfect home cinema system. Ultimately, it’s a large screen and you can include a surround sound system to enhance your movie experience. If you want to take it one step further, you can even include special lighting that you switch on while watching movies. 

Things to Watch when Working with a 6 Monitor Setup 

Once someone gets a multiple monitor setup, they never look back. Having said that, there are a few potential pitfalls to watch out for: 

  • Distractions
  • Desk space
  • Budget planning 


We all love our social media, Slack, WhatsApp, and whatever other channels you like to use to share and chat with people. Although, you can clearly lose hours in those channels without actually getting any work done. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have a break and chat with friends. Nevertheless, make sure you create structure within your day so that you also focus on what you need to get done. 

Desk space

It’s important to plan your space and to get the right desk for your 6 monitor setup. Basically, your device and multiple monitor screens can quickly take up all your desk space leaving very little room for a keyboard and mouse. For instance, if you don’t have much space on your desk, make sure to find the best triple monitor setup, which will help you make your room less cluttered. Besides, such setups are less power-draining and allow you to expand your screen estate.

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Budget planning 

Again, the more you budget before buying all your equipment, the easier it will be to manage your costs. You can get some very reasonably priced equipment for your 6 monitor setup. Regardless, it’s also possible to get carried away and find yourself buying at the top end of the range without meaning to. So, just simply make your list of what you need. This includes laptop or desktop, graphics cards, monitor resolution, cables, whether HDMI, VGA, DVI, or USB, and power supply ports. 

Key Takeaways for the Benefits of a Multiple Monitor Setup 

There’s no doubt that having a multiple monitor setup has huge advantages and no one ever regrets getting one. Regardless, make sure you manage your time so that you avoid distractions but still have healthy breaks away from the screens. Then, just enjoy having some of the best equipment to make your life easier and better.

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