What Do You Need to Know About Protein Powders?

Protein Powders

Have you ever tried taking protein supplements before? A lot of talks have been around protein products. People are confused about which protein supplement they should take or the form of protein they should consume.

Having so many brands and varieties of protein supplements make you wonder whether you should try a protein powder or give it a pass. Protein is essential nutrition for your body. However, your consumption of the variety of proteins, quantities, and types might differ depending on personal goals and requirements.

In this post, you’ll get plenty of information about protein supplements, their types, quantity and benefits. So, without further ado, scroll down.

What are proteins, and why are they important?

Protein is an essential nutrient for your body. Every cell in your body contains protein. It results from branched-chain amino acids essential for your body and its health. There are nearly 1000 types of protein in your body. However, not everyone has knowledge of the different types of proteins. It acts as a fuel for your body that generates energy and maintains oxygen flow. Another great deal about protein is that it generates antibodies that assist in fighting any germs, bacteria and viruses which can cause any discomfort. 

How much protein is enough for your body?

People believe that you must consume protein only if you are trying to achieve a fitness goal. However, that is not true. Protein is healthy nutrition that every child, man and woman should consume. But those who are into more physical activity and trying to achieve a set fitness goal have different guidelines to follow. Having more protein isn’t going to help in any way. Instead, it will lead to more fat storage if you don’t keep the quantity in moderation.

The following quantity of protein is suitable according to different age groups and genders. 

  • Children below four years can consume 13 grams of protein in a day. 
  • Children between 4 to 8 years must have 19 grams of protein.
  • Children above nine years of age and below 13 years should consume 34 grams. 
  • Females over 14 years must consume 46 grams of protein in their diet. 
  •  Teenage boys must consume 52 grams of protein.
  • And adult men should at least have 56 grams of protein in a regular diet.

Some experts suggest that your body needs equal grams of protein as per your body weight. Many diet programs for weight loss include rich protein sources while eliminating carbs. However, every person is different, and so are their fitness goals.

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How do protein supplements help you in your fitness goals?

Each individual has different fitness goals. For some people, gaining muscle mass is the primary objective, and for some, losing weight is the main goal. Protein powder can help you boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels. It allows you to perform better and burn fat rapidly. Similarly, it helps in gaining muscles by eliminating fat. You’ll come across different protein powders such as whey isolate protein, casein protein, plant-based protein, hemp protein, and many more.

While you try to understand each protein and its benefits deeply, you should choose one that meets your needs. So, thoroughly study different types of proteins, consult your nutritionist, and pick a product that you think will live up to your expectations. 

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