What does the Old Republic Home Warranty Cover?

Old Republic Home Warranty Cover

Home Warranties are one of the most essential services in the USA as they help homeowners and renters to protect and maintain their homes and home-based assets. Electrical and plumbing works around the house can cost thousands of dollars and is a heavy investment.

Being able to maintain and keep the home in the same shape for the next decade or so might prove challenging. This is where home warranty schemes can prove useful for homeowners, renters, and even realtors selling new homes. Old Republic Home Warranty is a major home warranty company that has been in the market for a long time and has a trusted base of clientele across the country.

About Old Republic Home Warranty Services

Old Republic Home Warranty Services has been in the market for over 40 years with a large base of happy contractors and customers across the entire USA. Not only does this warranty scheme protect assets from wear and tear but also from accidental damages and repairs.

It can help in reassuring renters and sellers alike and is one of the best services with very competitive rates in the market. Most customers also agree that Old Republic Home Warranty is one of the best when it comes to affordable and quick services despite the usual claims process.

Old Republic Home Warranty has around 6 million happy customers in the entire USA and is functional in 28 major states of the USA. There is more than 700 staff that work to help customers through their compliant process and their claims process.

Apart from the complaint resolution team, which works 24/7 To help customers place complaints and assist with contractors, there are also hundreds of top-notch contractors that work for the Old Republic Home warranty services who assist customers in the problems.

Plans under the Old Republic Warranty

There are many flexible and interesting plans offered by the Old Republic to their customers and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Standard Coverage

Standard Coverage works best for Realtors as it has a very limited warranty offering that covers only the electrical works, plumbing works, heating systems, air conditioning, and garage door opener works. This is the most basic plan which can be opted for a home

  • Ultimate Protection

The Ultimate Protection Plan is split into two, one of which covers some of the basics and the other one covers more advanced appliances. The basic coverage includes all the standard coverage features but also includes Trash Compactor, Smoke Detector, and Dishwashers. The more advanced plan under the same category covers all of the above along with Washer, Dryer, and Refrigerators

  • Platinum Protection

The platinum protection is the best warranty scheme that covers most of the systems and appliances and comes at a very competitive rate. This plan is perfect for homeowners. This plan includes all the plumbing works as well as an option to have higher reimbursement caps when compared to the Ultimate Protection plan

  • Optional Home Buyer Coverage

This is a custom package where a user can pick and choose various systems and appliances based on their interests and usage. This plan is perfect for realtors and home renters. This plan has additional inclusions such as ornamental fountains, swimming pools and HVAC tune-ups

  • Tech and Smart Home Protection Plan

This plan is unique and is specifically made for tech enthusiastic homeowners who want to ensure their TVs, Gaming systems, and Music devices.

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