What makes a good florist?

What makes a good florist?

What should you look for when choosing a florist in Singapore? The short answer is that what’s important to one person may not be as much to another. If you are genuinely searching for the best florist in Singapore, certain things will help you narrow down your choices. Remember, though, and there are many factors involved in being an excellent florist. If your favorite florist has only two of the following qualities, it does not mean they are not a good choice; however, these lists were created with those who desire nothing but the best and expect the most from their local and online Florists. A skilled and reliable local or online florist in Singapore can meet all of your needs and more.

When choosing a florist, consider the following traits:

Knowledge of flowers. While it’s not necessary for a florist to have studied horticulture or botany, they should have formal training, extensive knowledge of flowers through personal experience, or both. A good florist in Singapore knows how to care for each flower and can describe their beauty in words and work with them intuitively.

Flowers are an essential part of any floral arrangement. How they are arranged together is equally important to the finished product. The best local or online Florists can arrange your flowers into something breathtaking and nothing less than spectacular, using only tools such as wire cutters and scissors. Visit https://www.floristique.sg/ for more facts. Speaking of arrangements, a good florist in Singapore should be able to make any arrangement you can imagine, and some you didn’t know were possible.

They should also be well-experienced in creating all types of gifts such as fresh flower bouquets, potted plants, dried flowers and wreaths, gourmet fruit baskets (which are beautiful), candy buffets, or gift baskets. They should even offer event planning services that include decorating the venue and florals for the bride and bridal party.

Many Florists will add value by offering other services such as candles and memorial items for grief and everyday needs such as balloons, candles, cards, and other home décor. There are only so many aspects of being a Florist, so if your local florist specializes in only fresh flowers and cannot create specific arrangements or provide services you require, it may be time to start looking elsewhere.

Fee structures that seem out of line for the service provided. Be sure to ask how their fee structure works and do some quick calculations yourself, calculating cost per stem and what type of arrangement they’ll be making for you. It should not take more than 5 minutes max – multiply the number of stems x average cost/stem and divide that by $20 (the average price charged for a floral arrangement). The resulting number should equal less than 10%.


The time it takes to order flowers can also be a factor in choosing a good florist in Singapore. While many deliveries must be done on short notice when unforeseen events or illnesses happen, if they need several days’ notice to create and deliver your requested arrangement, there may be other options such as local independent flower shops which offer better customer service and quality products. Another option is having enough lead-time to order directly from the wholesaler. One week does not mean seven days: Some wholesalers deliver Monday through Friday only and often require 48 hours’ notice minimum. As with any service, knowledge is critical.

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