What’s The Best NFT Marketplace for Selling Crypto Collectibles

NFT Marketplace

What’s the best NFT marketplace for selling crypto art?

Why is everyone gushing about NFTs 

like they do for Leonardo DiCaprio? What is the buzz around these things? How to invest? These are a few questions that I get asked on a daily basis. For all those doubts that you face on a daily basis check out the NFTically blog. If you are looking to mint (create), sell, purchase, NFTically has the best interface and deals for the same. But first, let us understand the basics:

Today I will be answering the following questions. 

  • What is Crypto Art?
  • What are NFTs?
  • What is an NFT marketplace?
  • How does an NFT marketplace work?
  • What are the best NFT marketplaces to sell crypto art?

What is Crypto Art?

Art is highly subjective and a constantly evolving field. Crypto Art is an emerging and burgeoning form of art that uses blockchain technology. Basically, it isn’t a tapestry or painting that you can hang on your wall but these crypto collectibles can be stored in the form of a GIF or JPEG. Additionally, it is perfectly encrypted and once you buy it (only traded in cryptocurrency) you have a digital certification of authenticity and ownership to that piece of art. 

Art is priceless, however, it also has a wavering value (in terms of money). Likewise, to make digital art more unique, the use of blockchain with Bitcoin and Ethereum was started. Not only does it make it more scarce but also valuable. 

What are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. They are basically crypto art ‘tokenized’ and auctioned off at the NFT marketplace. NFTs are digital assets and extremely prized, as of now. You must have heard a great deal about these infamous artwork making millions in the market.

Non-fungible implies that they are irreplaceable. As I mentioned earlier, crypto-collectibles are of a fluctuating value. Furthermore, they cannot be exchanged for anything deemed of the equivalent value. For instance, a $100 dollar note can be exchanged for some smaller denominations leading up to $100 dollars. But that isn’t applicable for anything ‘non-fungible.’
The proliferating craze about Non-Fungible Tokens has certainly managed to get a lot of people on board. Now let us learn a little bit about the NFT marketplace, the place where the mania begins. 

What is an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplace is like an e-shopping mall. People can sell, create, mint, purchase, trade, auction, display, and bid on various artwork.  The types of crypto-collectibles that you will witness will blow your mind. From memes, music, audio, videos, trading cards, articles, blogs to photographs, graphics, digital paintings, caricature, signed sports memorabilia, video highlights, digital cats and so much more. 

How does an NFT marketplace work?

Think of an NFT marketplace as an online shopping website. Simple. To debunk the most common fallacy, investing in NFTs isn’t half as complex as it is deemed to be. 

To buy NFTs you just have to follow these simple 5-steps:

1. Hunt for a preferable NFT marketplace:

This one is the most difficult step. You have to do thorough research, visit each website and weigh out the pros and cons among other things. However, don’t worry we have got you covered, we have listed the best NFT marketplaces to buy your crypto collectibles.

2. Sign up at the marketplace

Once you have chosen your preferred marketplace from the compilation I have prepared for you. All you have to do is sign up at the website and set up your marketplace. They might ask for a few details and that is all. 

3. Create a digital wallet 

To buy and trade NFTs you need money. Unfortunately, you cannot trade NFT stocks in INR or dollars, they have to be in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum (there are plenty more). There you have to first create a digital wallet and Forex Brokers

4. Fund your wallet with cryptocurrency

Well, just creating a digital wallet will not make cryptocurrency magically appear in your wallet. Therefore, you will have to fund your digital wallet with as much as you want. Don’t be fearful; most digital wallets are quite ciphered and safe, so chances of pilferage are negligible. 

5. Shop till you drop!

That’s it, now the fun bit. Trade, auction, buy, purchase, invest, or whatever you like to call it. Don’t get too prodigious with your shopping, but it will definitely be a thrilling experience. 

What is the best NFT marketplace to sell crypto art?

Buying, selling, minting, and dealing with investments need to be highly secure. Consequently, we must look for marketplaces aimed at prioritizing user experience and state-of-the-art blockchain technology. 

Since the emergence of multiple NFT marketplaces, making a choice is getting complicated. They all offer neck-to-neck competition and equally good service. Nonetheless, some of them are more trusted than others. Therefore, we have to thoroughly research before investing. 

NFTically is one such group of blockchain developers, with a craze for NFTs. They aim to make NFTs easily accessible to all celebrities, influencers, artists, musicians, basically everyone.  For more such updates about NFTs and their latest news check out NFTically. 

Check out their blogs to dissipate all your doubts regarding NFTs and crypto collectibles. For more such updates check out their website.

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