Why Welding Glove Manufacturers Use Leather for Their Production?

Why Welding Glove Manufacturers Use Leather for Their Production?

Welding gloves manufacturers use leather for their production purposes, as it’s a very durable material. Welding is dangerous and requires high-quality PPEs for workers to remain safe, hence leather-made gloves are the best choice for them. In the market, leather is available in two major types, i.e. natural & synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is made in factories and isn’t as durable as natural leather. Therefore, proper protective equipment and safety gear are made of natural leather due to the material’s durability.

Natural leather is extracted from animal skin and then tanned into tough material to make leather products. This is a costly process, and that’s the reason real ‌leather products are more expensive than products made by faux leather or other materials.

Reasons ‌Manufacturers Use Leather to Make Welding Gloves

The following are some reasons why ‌leather is used to manufacture safety gloves:

1. Durability

Leather is a very durable and long-lasting material. It can be used for years without getting damaged. It’s tough enough to protect your hand from cuts, abrasion, and sparks produced during welding works.

2. Cut resistance

Leather is resistant to cuts and can protect you from several types of injuries depending on which resistance level it has. According to ANSI, there are 9 cut levels from A1 to A9 for different ‌work natures. For welding, you may not require high-level cut-resistant gloves, you can just get safety gloves of A1 or A2 levels of cut resistance.

3. Heat resistance

Heat resistance is another excellent quality of leather and can be very helpful for welding. Welding gloves made of leather can protect workers from heat burns, sparks, or any other type of injuries that can be caused by getting in touch with any hot material.

4. Dexterity

Dexterity refers to the ease of doing work. Leather gloves have high dexterity and provide you with the mobility of doing your tasks easily. Welders should purchase good quality gloves having high heat resistance and dexterity level.

5. Grip

Leather gloves provide workers a firm grip that helps them work efficiently, consuming less time in handling and managing objects. With a good grip, welders can hold the welding pipe and the iron rod easily, which makes their work more convenient.

6. Comfort

Comfort is a huge factor that’s involved in improving workers’ productivity and efficiency levels. Leather gloves are very comfortable and can provide workers enough convenience to do their work.

Common Types of Natural Leather Used to Manufacture Welding Gloves

1. Cowhide

Cowhide is the most preferred type of leather which manufacturers use to make safety leather products. It’s a very tough material and is popular due to its texture, comfort, and easy maintenance.

2. Goatskin

After cowhide, goatskin is the strongest leather that’s used to make gloves and other safety products. Commonly, it’s known for its abrasion & tear resistance. It contains natural oil that makes it soft.

3. Horsehide

Horsehide is also amongst the top strongest types of leather and is known for its toughness and long-lasting properties. Compared with other types, horsehide can be used for a long period without compromising workers’ safety.

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4. Deerskin

Deerskin is the most lightweight leather in the world and is known due to its softness and flexibility. Because of these properties of deerskin, workers prefer to use gloves manufactured with it in order to work for a longer period without sweating their hands.

5. Pigskin

Pigskin is a dense but breathable type of leather. It’s very soft and provides a good feel to its wearer. Also, it doesn’t get hard or stiff after it’s washed.

These were some reasons welding gloves manufacturers use leather for their production. We also discussed some types of natural leather that are commonly used in making safety gloves. Leather is slightly more expensive than other synthetic materials, but is worth buying for better workplace safety. We suggest you get high-quality safety leather gloves from any well-known provider of leather products, such as Elite Leather.

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