4 Common Misconceptions About Cremation


It is never easy to lose a family member or friend to death. There are many decisions to be made, and it is a very stressful time full of uncertainties for many people with the planning of the final resting place and ceremonies involved. 

This experience is different for everyone and extremely personal.

People often have misconceptions about being cremated. To clarify the procedures and remove the shroud of mystery surrounding cremation, read below for four common misconceptions about the process, or look for more information online by searching for “cremation near me“. 

  1. No Funeral

There is a common belief that because you are cremated, there will be no funeral. You can have a traditional viewing with the body cremated after the service. When the body has been fully cremated, you can choose to use an urn or other suitable container to hold the cremains and then either take the ashes with you or have the cremated remains buried in a traditional burial plot or vault. Typically, burying cremains is less expensive than a traditional burial plot, with particular areas set aside for urns either in the ground or in a crypt.  

  1. Receiving The Wrong Ashes

The laws regarding cremation are very precise. Exacting procedures must be followed regarding identifying the body with the proper tag, which stays with the body throughout the entire process. The paperwork is then finished, and the container with the cremains is marked with the identification prominently displayed. You won’t have to worry about receiving a stranger’s ashes or having the ashes of different people mixed with those of your loved ones, as only one body at a time can be cremated per the law. 

  1. You Need A Casket 

Caskets are an entirely personal decision, and you are not required to purchase an expensive casket for cremation. Many people opt to rent a casket for the viewing and then transfer the body to a container suitable for cremation. These containers are simple combustible, covered containers made of wood or other approved materials, including rigid cardboard. For more information on options, see “cremation near me online.” 

  1. You Can Scatter Ashes Anywhere

Yes and no; It is not illegal to scatter the ashes of a loved one, although if you intend to scatter the cremains in a public setting, you should check the local laws on scattering ashes in a public place. With private property, the only permission you need to scatter ashes is the property owner’s approval. According to U.S. federal regulations, if you intend to scatter your loved one’s ashes in the ocean, you must do so at least three nautical miles away from land, in water at least 600 feet deep. Scattering ashes at beaches is generally forbidden.

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A Personal Choice

Decisions regarding the final resting place and how we end up there are very personal. Many people today, independent of religious views or family traditions, are choosing cremation over the traditional burial plot in a cemetery. Cremation is a less expensive option with solid ecological benefits. For more information on cremation and the process involved, look online for “cremation near me.”

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