5 Important Tips On How to Plan a Wedding Under $10,000

5 Important Tips On How to Plan a Wedding Under $10,000

It’s widely agreed that the pressure to stage an exaggeratedly expensive wedding to make an impression slowly got into people’s minds and became the order of the day. There have been cases where people have spent the very last coin of their savings just to have a big and exciting wedding. For instance, some guys can spend a fortune in renting pipe and drape kits, something on which they can easily cut costs on. Do you know that there are so many ways in which you can have your dream wedding that will not cost you a leg and an arm? Well, you heard it right. It is, actually, very possible to plan a wedding under $10,000. Yes, it’s possible – you only need to learn a few tricks here and there and you will have a wedding that will create lasting memories for years. This is how just read on.

1. Decide where you’ll want to spend more

This should ideally be the first step. It will guide all the other subsequent things. There is no doubt that your wedding is, basically, your big day and therefore you are allowed to enjoy it to the maximum. Direct more spending to what you think or believe will give you the kind of memories and excitement you want on your wedding day. For example; if you want to get draping for wedding cost that is friendly, you should shop or scout around especially if that’s exactly what will give you satisfaction in your wedding.

Making this decision will help you manage the available resources and cut costs on some things that might not be necessary. Let us help you in making some of the decisions here, right? What have you always wanted the most? Is it an expensive event in terms of the wedding ceremony or a great honeymoon? Is it investing in photography and videography or getting a wedding venue that will be fitted with pipes and drape kits to tailor-make the environment around that place? Well, these are some of the questions that you will need to ask yourself.

2. Pick a weekday for your wedding

A lot of weddings around the world are mostly done over the weekend. That has been a tradition for years, making weekends quite expensive in terms of wedding costs. It is against this backdrop that experts encourage that if one wants to cut on costs especially in terms of paying for the wedding venue, they should heavily consider having their wedding on a weekday. It will, automatically, be less expensive.

It doesn’t mean that you have to wed on a weekend just because everybody else is, no. Be unique. Pick a day that will best suit you and your budget.

3. How about trying a non-wedding venue?

This is a great idea if you don’t want to spend a fortune in hiring a venue known for hosting weddings. You can scout around and get a very nice venue that is not necessarily a wedding hosting venue and decorate it to fit precisely what you want for a wedding venue. Maybe you will need to get pipes and drape kits to fit here and there and that will not cost you a lifetime saving.

For instance, you can also consider backyards that are beautiful and ones that can be decorated well to make a great wedding venue for your big day. That way, you will save a lot of money since venues consume a huge chunk of any wedding budget.

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4. Snacks or plated dinners?

If your budget is tight or you want to save some money for your future, it would be very wise to forgo plated dinners in big hotels where you will be charged per head and go for some good snacks. This might help you bring down a per head cost from approximately $100 to $10 or even less than that.

The best way to achieve this is to make sure that yours is an afternoon wedding and not an evening one to avoid serving dinner to your guests.

Don’t go for a designer dress, pick one off the rack, or rent

Understandably, many brides would want to do a designer wedding dress, but what do you do when the budget cannot allow that? The best option is either getting one off the rack or better still rent one. Just as you would save from the draping for wedding costs, you will also save a big deal in renting a wedding dress. You will still look great.

5. Don’t go too far for your honeymoon

Keep in mind the thought that the far you will choose to go for your honeymoon, the more likely you will spend more money. That is certainly not exactly what you want when looking forward to planning a wedding that is not expensive.

Planning an excellent wedding under $10,000 is not rocket science. It is that simple when following the above-given tips.

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