5 Most Popular OTT Platforms in India

OTT Platforms

It was not long ago that television changed the way people get entertained. People used radios, played outdoor games, went to bars, and read books to entertain themselves.

But the arrival of TV changed all of that. People would sit in front of the TV to watch their favorite show, movie, etc. There is a saying, “Change is the only constant thing.” That is what happened with TVs also. The arrival of internet streaming or OTT media changed everything.

Most people now use or prefer OTT over TV, and rightly so. Here is a list of some best OTT platforms you might love to use.

Why OTT over TV?

The explanation is quite simple. OTT gives you,

  • Better content,
  • Exclusive movies and shows,
  • Faster premiers than TV,
  • Options to stream on almost any device,
  • Mostly all content is of better quality.

The main issue that one can have using an OTT platform is the Internet. If you do not have a fast internet connection, you might experience buffering and quality issues.

OTP Platforms to Consider

1) Disney+Hotstar

It is one of the most used OTT platforms in India. Users in India love watching cricket, TV dramas, movies, and football(premier league especially). Disney+Hotstar provides you with all of that. It also gives you live streaming of the F1 season, IPL, and golf. The subscription prices vary from ₹499 to ₹1499.

The one drawback I would like to add is that if you do not choose the most premium ads, you have to watch ads. You do not get additional ads in the live sports, but if you watch movies or shows, it makes you feel like you are watching traditional TV or cable.

For a movie(120-150 minutes), you get approximately 10-12 pop-ups of ads. But that’s not all; these pop-ups will give you two or three ads. So, if you only watch live sports, you can stick to the basic plan. But if you binge-watch, you might want to buy a more premium subscription.

2) Prime Video

Prime Video is my favorite OTT platform. It is not the content I like the most, but a bundle of Amazon Prime shopping, Amazon Music, and Prime video does the job. You get content quickly and your orders quicker.

Users complain about the availability of only one plan(₹1499), but I find it more logical. It is fairer and more straightforward. You are either a prime member, or you are not. It is the same for everybody. You also get several decent Amazon Originals(Shows, documentaries, etc.). Amazon Music gives you the ad-free latest content.

3) Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms because of its impressive Netflix Originals. It also gives you other content than the original. It gives you up to four plans that you can subscribe to. You can stream content in Ultra HD quality if you buy the most premium pack. 

Two things make me more often a Netflix enthusiast than a Netflix user,

  • It is so hyped in India that the subscriptions are expansive. If you do not have someone to share screens, you will find it more expensive,
  • Netflix does not give you live streaming options. You can not watch live sports and videos on it. I agree that you get decent content in HD quality, but the prices are a bit too high.

However, if you can not imagine a weekend without Netflix and want to stream live sports too, there are other options. You can stream it using free websites on almost any device like a smart TV, laptop, smartphone, etc. You might want to click on this link if you want to stream a variety of live sports events without paying money.

4) Sony Liv

Sony Liv is also famous for its Originals. You get several decent and relatable TV series on Sony LIV. It is also popular because of UEFA’s content.

It gives you a live stream and highlights of,

  • UCL(UEFA Champions League),
  • UEL(UEFA Europa League),
  • UEFA Nations League,
  • FA Cup, and more.

You also get live cricket, WWE, UFC, Tennis, and movies. You can choose from three plans of ₹299 per month, 699 for six, and ₹999 for a year.

5) Zee 5

Zee 5 is a platform to stream content from the Zee network. You can stream TV shows, live news, sports, and movies. You can get the most premium package for ₹599.

The only thing I want to add is that the content does not match with the competitors. If you loved its content from the past(ZEE TV on cable or dish), you might love to buy a subscription.

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All the OTT platforms I mentioned have some qualities, and they also lack in some things. I suggest you buy only 1-2 OTT subscriptions at a time to save money. Also, if you can cop up with ads, you might want to buy the smallest package.

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