7 Ways to Keep all Employees Up to Date


Running a business is not an easy task; there’s a lot you need to manage, and handling it all can get very difficult. Keeping employees up to date is one of those things that managers and business owners neglect when they get busy. It is also one of the most critical elements of running a business to success.

Keeping all employees up to date is simply keeping them informed. If your employees are well informed, then it means; they have all the information they need to work at their disposal. If not, they have ways and the means to get that information instantly.

  • Why is it so Important to Keep all Your Employees Up to Date and Informed?

As mentioned above, keeping all your employees up to date is crucial to run a successful business.

Below are a few reasons why

  • It can help improve employee satisfaction
  • It can help motivate employees to work
  • It can help increase productivity
  • It can help keep employees safe
  • It can help build and maintain healthy working relationships
  • It can help save time and money
  • The list goes on and on
  • How to Keep all Employees Up to Date

Having established that keeping all employees up to date is crucial, now you need to know how to do it.

In this article, you will discover 7- ways.

1. Hold In-Person Meetings

Holding in-person meetings in this digital era may seem outdated, but it is one of the most effective ways to share information with all your employees. This method has stood the test of time. The good thing about it is that everyone gets an opportunity to participate, exchange ideas and hear everything at the same time. It also allows members to express themselves and see the expressions of others which makes communication more effective.

So, how frequently should you hold the meetings? Well, it all depends on your business. You can do it daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc., whatever works for you.

  • Leverage Technology

Holding in-person meetings might be effective, but it has its own challenges. The biggest of them all is poor attendance. How do you get everyone to be present for the meeting each time? That is very difficult, almost impossible. And that’s why we have the technology.

The following are a few technological solutions you can rely on to keep your employees up-to-date.

2. Video Conferencing/Virtual Meetings

If you can’t get everyone to meet in person, don’t panic, you can still organize regular virtual meetings with your employees. A virtual meeting is just like an in-person meeting, only that it happens online. That makes it easier for everyone to attend the meeting without being physically there.

Virtual meetings are easy to set up. The only requirements are stable internet, an internet-enabled device, and a video conferencing tool to link the members. Examples of video conferencing tools you can use include skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc.

3. Email and Group Text

Whether virtual or in-person, meetings are effective, but they also consume time. 20 Minutes may not seem like a lot of time to meet, but it is when it involves 12 people. With each member using 20 minutes, that’s 240 minutes or 4 hours of productive time. That does not include time taken by members to prepare, get to and from the meeting, or even the general disruptions that may occur.

Email and texts can help you eliminate such problems. They are fast and convenient for both the sender and the recipient.

When using emails and texts to update your employees, you need a proper contact management system. You can hire your own in-house IT team, which can be very expensive, or find a reliable software company to set it up for you.

4. Instant Messaging and Group Chat Apps

Instant messaging is another effective way to keep your employees up-to-date and informed. It allows everyone to send, receive and respond to messages in real-time. The best instant messaging apps combine multiple features such as direct messaging, group chats, file sharing, and task management to increase engagement and team productivity.

5. A Daily Call

A daily call, in simple terms, means having everyone dialing in and sharing their news at a specific time. You can schedule a daily call at any time of the day, but the morning is best.

Why a daily call? You can make this call from just about anywhere, your office desk, conference room, a remote location, you name it. It is less disruptive and more convenient than a physical meeting.

6. Workplace News Bulletin/News Feed

Having a workplace news bulletin or news feed is one of the best ways to keep your employees up-to-date. It presents an effective way for everyone to access business news and information in real-time. It is also a common practice for global companies like Starbucks with a huge workforce.

7. Video Updates

Traditionally, organizations relied on printed newsletters to share business news and information with employees. Then came emails and other forms of written communication as time went by. But times have changed. Nowadays people don’t like to read. They prefer to watch and listen. And this is where video updates come into play.

Why Video Communication? We say a single picture can speak 1000 words. Well, a single video does more. Videos provide a faster way of communication and are easy to understand. They are also more fun than reading.

There are plenty of ways you can share video communications. That includes posting them on YouTube, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or better yet, on your workforce news feed.

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You can hire the right employees, pay them well, care for their overall well-being, etc. All these things are essential, but they are still not enough to deliver the desired outcome if you can’t keep all your employees updated.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that anymore thanks to this article.

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