9 Reasons Why You’re Having Weird Dreams

9 Reasons Why You’re Having Weird Dreams

Weird dreams happen to everyone and it’s not something you should be embarrassed about. There are many reasons why people have weird dreams and most of them don’t need to do with mental health or drug use. 

Ever since you were a little kid, your parents told you not to eat too much sugar before bed. You may have listened except that one time when they weren’t looking and then woke up with a stomach ache. Now as an adult, it’s still hard to keep away from sugar even though you know how bad it is for sleep quality. We’re here to tell you why there are so many weird dreams after eating lots of sugar.

9 Reasons Of Having Weird Dreams 

If you’ve ever had a disturbing dream, you may wonder what it was all about and try to figure out what could have caused such dreams. You may even wonder if it is a sign that you have a psychological disorder. Or worse, you may be trying to find out if you are having a normal dream or something more serious like a dream which may suggest a physical condition. In any case, here are some causes for weird dreams:

Visual hallucinations: Have you ever had a vision that seems so real to you that you can’t help but stop your work, or pull out your hair in frustration because it looks so real? Perhaps, you saw your future being torn apart with wild animals tearing it to pieces. The same thing may happen during your dream; you may see your future in fragments while the dreamer is slowly being torn apart, similar to the vision you just had. This is a cause of dream interpretation, and often, the dreamer is trying to protect him/herself by protecting the “real” future from wild animals or worse.

Deafness: Not everyone is born with perfect hearing. Some people are even born with a cochlea which may be defective and/or not properly working. These people are very rare, however, and even if you are one, you probably won’t experience weird dreams frequently. This is another cause of interpreting dreams, as the person has no control over his/her dream interpretation process.

Insomnia:  You may have a hard time falling asleep at night, or may wake up feeling like you’ve overslept and have failed to get enough sleep. Insomnia causes your mind to work overtime during your dream, and this may also affect the meaning and content of your dream, making your dreams frequently inconsistent.

Chemical imbalances:  If you are taking medications for something, such as anxiety medication, then these may affect the way your brain processes information and translates it into a dream. Your dream may contain disturbing side effects. Medications must be the last resort in treating any condition that affects your body. This cause of dreaming can lead to dangerous actions if you continue to take the medications, or worse, may cause death if your dream is real, to begin with.

Deja-vu:  If you have a recurring dream that you aren’t familiar with (such as a dream about someplace you’ve already visited), and you know (or believe) that you’ve seen or heard the same thing in several other dreams, then this is another cause of weird dreams. If you have experienced this happen, you can easily figure out what happened by repeating back the same phrases in several other dreams.

Dream translation:  If you read a book, movie, or poem and don’t understand the symbolic language used in the text, then the meaning may not be clear to you. You may translate the meaning of the dream in your head and interpret it correctly. However, if you don’t do proper dream translation, the meaning may be distorted, which can mean that the dream you’ve seen, heard, or read is not necessarily true. Caffeine is a main factor in the wake-me-up drink.

Bad dream timing: Some people have strange, troubled dreams that seem to happen at just the wrong time. For example, if you go to sleep at exactly the right time but are woken upright when you’re about to take a test, you may think you’re having a dream about a stressful situation. However, if you remember the dream clearly and you wake up in the middle of the test, then it could be a cause of weird dreams.

Afraid Of Something: A big reason that you’re having these kinds of dreams is that you’re afraid something bad will happen to you. Your mind jumps to dark places when you have scary dreams, and they’re always about what could happen to you. When you try to wake up from your bad dream, you end up scared and stressed out because you jump through hoops and things and end up being worried about how you’re going to deal with your future.

Stress:  Also, if you’re stressed out, you might have a hard time waking up in the morning. Sometimes when you’re stressed, you end up thinking about the problem all night long, even though you know it’s not going to happen. This is just the stress of trying to get into your dream again so that it can follow through. In other words, your brain starts its little nightmare, and it keeps repeating itself every time you try to wake up. This is how dreams get started.

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Brain chemicals, brain waves, and hormones are the reasons why you’re having weird dreams. Weird things happen when your body is trying to regulate itself or go into “shutdown mode.” When this happens, all sorts of strange memories can come up in your dream state. If you’re wondering whether these bizarre thoughts will show up in nightmares, it’s just a matter of how much stress you have going on at any given time. If there’s an underlying issue that needs resolving (or if something has happened recently), then yes these topics might be what pop up during sleep time as well. The result? You may want to take care of yourself- physically and mentally- before bedtime.

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