Are Emails Still Relevant In 2020?


Many people have predicted the death of email, and 2020 was their predicted date. However, instead of becoming obsolete or dying out, email keeps giving us new ways and innovations that keep us glued to it for most of our tasks. There are several alternatives out there now but none of them have been able to reach the success or height of email, making email still an important part of our communication, marketing, and innovation.

Marketers around the world still praise email as an effective marketing tool for getting out information, getting leads, and even client retention.

So, why do people think that it should have been obsolete by now? Many people do not realize the potential that a single email holds. People who think that it should’ve been obsolete now, have not yet realized how to use it to the maximum user benefit.

Here we will list some reasons why email is still an effective communication tool

Learn to be more productive on email

The thing to keep in mind here is that instead of teaching people entirely new platforms why not teach them how to use email more effectively? Thousands of emails are sent every day, if email was a flop or obsolete tool, this would not have been the case. This is because it is a multi-faceted tool. It is not used simply to communicate, it is used to get new leads, give customer care, and as a business management tool. IF people realize this potential they would never let go of email.

How is it a better marketing tool than other paid services?

As many people consider social media and other digital platforms their personal space. The ads that they see there seem extremely annoying and unwanted. This in no way means that they are not effective, this just proves the point that email does the same for you. But it maintains a clear distance from the personal space of individuals. Research showed that over 75% of individuals check their email in the morning, meaning that it is a place people check on regularly giving it its own unique attributes.

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It is affordable and effective

Sure, there are many other tools and platforms that are now being used but none of them offer the versatility that email offers. One can reach out to a huge number of people, or target an audience at a very affordable cost. This gives email the edge of touching thousands of prospects at the same time and that too on a really tight budget. This is important today, as many startups suffer from low budgets due to the high costs of operations.

Mobiles have made email more personal

The present world has every individual hooked up and connected to the internet almost 24/7 because of easy access to smartphones. Smartphones and mobiles have given rise to immediate communication meaning that emails are now more effective than ever before. Everyone almost instantaneously gets the notification on their smartphones and most of them reply to these emails at that exact moment. What more can a communication tool offer?

Bottom Line

The point we’ve tried to make is that if you send out good quality emails then they become very effective communication, business management, and advertising tool. Everyone has an email account which means that you can reach out to almost everyone anywhere on the planet. There is no other service that offers you this amount of reachability making email truly a king of mass communication and advertising. You simply need to understand that an email is a multi-faceted tool, so you can make use of all the useful features it has to offer.

Meta: Many people have predicted the death of email, but it is still around and kicking. Email provides features that aren’t offered anywhere by any other platform.

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