Are You Keeping Your Office Clean Enough?


Your workspace is a shared space that ought to be kept very clean, if you share it with your employees. Are you doing everything you can to promote a clean workspace and to keep the place looking and feeling clean?

Why is that so important? Let’s look at why work areas should be kept as clean as possible and then give you some advice as to how you can keep yours very clean.

Your Employees Will Value Cleanliness

Everyone has different ideas of what constitutes a clean space, but everyone appreciates when the space they are in is clean. It feels nice to be in a clean area, and your employees will love that they have clean desks, carpets, countertops, and other surfaces. They will love that they don’t have to worry about cleaning up the space. They are likely to enjoy not smelling anything unpleasant or having to work around a mess.

Employees need to be shown that they are appreciated, and they will share that appreciation back to you. You will know your employees are pleased with how their workspace looks if they are smiling more, talking pleasantly, and bring you few complaints. Those are some of the results of giving them a safe and sanitary working area. They are less likely to be bothered by the little things and are more likely to feel good about their job. They are more likely to come to work when scheduled and work their full shift if their work environment is pleasant.

Part of making a pleasant and welcoming environment for them is to make sure that their work area is as clean as you can make it.

Make a Great Impression on Clients

Having a clean workspace affects more than just your employees and their morale. It also affects their interactions with clients. You would not want your employees telling clients that they have to work in dirty offices, right? Sometimes, disgruntled employees will talk to customers about what is bothering them, sharing information that could paint your business in a negative light.

Sometimes your clients will come into the work area, for whatever reason. They will take in the condition of the workspace and whether it is clean or not. That gives them an impression of how you run your business. They may lose faith in you and the quality of your products or services if they see an unsightly workspace.  

You want to make a good impression on everyone connected with your business, whether that be vendors, customers, or employees. Something as simple as keeping a clean work area can help you to do that. It doesn’t usually take a big sacrifice to keep the work area clean, and it can have a big impact.

How to Keep the Work Area Clean

What can you do to keep a clean and tidy workspace? We have a few tips for you that you can make use of, and you may get some help from our suggestions.

  1. Hire Experienced Cleaners

You should always consider hiring professionals for your office cleaning needs. Using Imagine building cleaning or some other professional service is a great way to ensure that the offices are cleaned and not left uncared for.

There are several reasons why business owners will hire professionals for their cleaning needs. The first is usually that it helps them to keep a tidy looking space that has a high standard of quality. They know they will get good work when they hire specialized experts for the job as opposed to having some of their own staff take time out of their work to do the job.

The second reason is often that it allows the employees to do their work without losing focus, as a separate team of cleaners can tidy the offices.

Thirdly, hiring professionals is simply convenient. It is easy to leave this kind of work to people who are good at it and have them keep everything in order rather than schedule time for your company’s employees to do the cleaning.

  1. Encourage Employees to Clean Up after Themselves

Your employees may be untidy from time to time. They might leave trash on the floor or make a mess and not clean it up. You can minimize the work that cleaners need to do by having your employees take some responsibility for their messes.

Start by posting signs around the workplace telling employees to be tidy and clean up if they make any mess at all. Follow that with bringing up tidiness at meetings. Whenever you hold a meeting, discuss the issue of tidiness if it has become a problem in the workplace.

You can also place wastebaskets and other appropriate containers around the workplace to make it easy for employees to be tidy. If they have to walk very far to dispose of trash, they are less likely to do so. Make sure that appropriate receptacles are on every floor and in every large space. That way, it is easy for employees to follow the rules when it comes to tidiness in the workplace.

  1. Create Organization Campaigns

Making organization is one of the keys to keeping the workplace tidy. If your employees see the value of being organized, they are more likely to behave with an organized mindset.

As you develop your organization directives, think about what tools you can provide your employees to help them stay organized. They may need storage space in their desks, or you may want to give them filing cabinets or other storage structures. These will help them be organized more easily, and they will not struggle as much to find a place for everything.

Look over your office areas and work areas every so often. See if there is room for improvement and if there are changes that can be made that will keep the place more organized than it currently is. Looking for areas of improvement is important if you are going to promote tidiness and ensure that your employees are doing their part to keep a tidy, clean workplace.

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