Blockchain: Scope of Jobs and Evolution of Industry

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Let’s just be honest! Hasn’t the technology encouraged us in moving too far in the past 20 years?

World is getting revolutionized and technology has transformed our lives in a way that is unimaginable. Isn’t that sounding so real?

The mobile phones have brought us the complete world in our hands, the little mini chips are storing the data up to tera byte, virtual assistances and robots have taken over the human resources. Indeed, a greatest move of the digital era!

Jumping to the point of technologies, we have seen tremendous changes so far and wide that how technologies have boosted themselves! This concept of improvement and construction in the digital world has given a rise to the hottest trending technologies of Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

The year of digitalization is right here flourishing and accelerating, and there is no going back!

Gearing you up with speed, let’s talk about the emerging technology of Blockchain!


Blockchain is right now the trendiest yet hottest technological trend that is making its place in almost all the sectors. It is a decentralized network of computers that is mainly designed to record the data and store the information.

In the upcoming days, it would be a threat to the central bank’s existence.

-Blockchain is expected to generate the revenue of almost $10.6 billion till 2023!

The technology of Blockchain is used to create cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. This nascent stage technology is now making its way into education, finance, commerce and many more.

-World Economic Forum shared that by 2025, at least 10% of the world’s GDP- $100 trillion will be managed via Blockchain technologies, and half of that will be in the form of a cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is known for powering Bitcoin nowadays and it will soon take over every other department as well!


The predictions show that the career path in the direction of Blockchain is highly appreciated and those who are willing to pursue their careers in this field must try their luck out. Blockchain is directly related to cryptocurrencies and both of them are the most in-demand hot skills of IT grounds.

Are you the one who is looking for a career growth in this field? Hold on, you are on the right track.

Here I am with a list of some tips that would help you to smoothen the path towards Blockchain related career. You can do some further research about the jobs as well!

Ready to dive in? Let’s have a look.

Entry level internee:

Get your hands on the technical skills and programming languages including NodeJS, APIs, React, Java, C++. Truffle and Go RESTful. Alongside, having a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS is also a plus point. On the beginner level, you would have to work over the blockchain ledgers models along with the basic functionality of Linux. You can ask Pro Resume Makers in US to help you in building a powerful resume for your initial level.

Blockchain project managers:

Blockchain project manager is yet another hard job in the ground of IT. An individual must be smart, creative and alert to convert English into technical language and then developer’s language back into English. The supervision and planning of the Blockchain project must be executed by the project manager of the technology.

Blockchain developers:

One of the best scopes in the whole Blockchain industry lie behind the name of Blockchain developers. This field has great career options and one can find his career growth in various sector after becoming a Blockchain developer. The technical commands are must to have that include; Microsoft SQL server, visual studio, .NET, MVC, AJAX, SQL, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Node.js, JQuery, SOAP, HTML, XML, XCOD and neural networks.

Blockchain web designer:

When a company starts to offer its services, it needs a lot of concepts and original designs that must be engaging. When cryptocurrencies are used in Blockchain, they need creative ideas and here Blockchain web designer comes in handy. Cheapest CV writing assistance also supported that you can pursue your career in becoming a phenomenal web designer who can create stunning user-interfaces.

Blockchain engineer:

The tech companies nowadays are in an ultimate need of embedding Blockchain and cryptocurrencies into the businesses. This is indeed going to be highly beneficial. Becoming a Blockchain engineer would smoothen your pathway towards an innovative yet bright future. An individual must be sharp enough to analyze and execute the Blockchain projects. Also, it is a must to be pro at Java, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Python, Bitcoin, Oracle and other management solutions.


To get any of the above jobs relating to Blockchain, you must do the following things;

 Get a professional certificate
 Keep yourself up-to-date with all the hot trends of industry
 Try to stay flexible in all the forms of Blockchain industry
 Be passionate about digging deeper into the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


The hiring for any of these Blockchain related jobs is done by following 4 sectors.

 Industries– companies including banks, oil and gas, insurances, accountancy firms, and law offices are looking to invest with this technology
 Startups– the independent businesses who are working for their foundation to become strong in Blockchain.
 Technological firms– these companies are at the highest risk of losing their existence because Blockchain is emerging as a boss to take over every other thing.
 Government– the crypto and Blockchain experts are always in demand by several governments because they are looking forward o achieve its benefits.


If you want to accelerate your career in the path of Blockchain then this article would help you enough to decide a career related to the game of Crypto and Blockchain. We are going to witness a huge change soon that would transform our lives like never before. Maybe something more advanced than today’s era? Fingers are yet crossed to check how far the technology would go!

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