Can I sue if the accident is partially my fault in Florida?

Can I sue if the accident is partially my fault in Florida?

When you are involved in a car accident in Florida, then the chances are high that the other party also applies to the insurance claim for their damages. Florida is such a country where everyone is at a “no-fault” state, and no one wishes to pay for the damages, and right after the accident, everyone directly runs to their lawyer. If in case you know it was not your fault, then you know that you are not responsible and hence you don’t have to pay anything, but when you know that you are partially at fault, then you are responsible for the accident too, and you will have to compensate as per your mistake. You can still sue if it is partially your fault. You will need an Orlando car accident lawyer for your case and defend you the maximum possible, so you have to pay the least amount for compensation. Read further to know more about the same:

Before you proceed, understand what makes a serious injury mean under Florida law. It is a state where the injured person includes any of the below:

  • Any permanent injury to the body
  • Permanent scarring on the body
  • Permanent loss of any bodily function

You are only liable for the insurance amount or for getting the recovery amount when you pass the above state, and you know that any of the above has happened to you due to the accident.

Understand the Pure Comparative Negligence

It is a statute where the percentage of fault is calculated, and as per it, the compensation is paid by the different parties. Understand that if an accident happened and you were not wearing the seat belt, then obviously it is you who was not following the traffic rules and hence you are too at the fault of not wearing the seat belt and hence you need to pay as per it. You might be asked to pay 20 percent of the compensation, but you were not careless while driving, so the other party who was being careless while driving will have to give 80 percent of the compensation amount. In such a case, your Orlando car accident lawyer can help you get rid of the case or by just convincing the court to reduce your compensation. You will need a lawyer because you cannot fight a complete case of your own. 

How will the car accident lawyer be helpful?

The car accident lawyer hired by you can help you in several ways by fighting for you and getting compensation for you. Your lawyer will understand the complete case and collect the proofs that can prove you with no fault. Your lawyer can also try to convince the court if no compensation can be paid from your side and if not the complete compensation, he can try to reduce the amount. He will be true to you and will fight for you honestly and legally to prove you right. 

How to reach out to the lawyer?

Many Orlando car accident lawyers are serving in Florida. They can help you sustain the severe injuries in a car accident and obtain a settlement you deserve, even if both the drivers were partially at fault and equally responsible for the car accident. 

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