Login: Your Essential Companion for In-Flight Connectivity


Being offline for any length of time can be hard to imagine in today’s hyper-connected world. This is especially true when you’re on a plane. Fortunately, Delta Airlines offers a solution to this modern dilemma with their in-flight WiFi service. Here’s everything you need to know about staying digitally connected while you’re thousands of feet in the air.

Connected While Mid-Flight

Just imagine: you are zooming mid-air, spanning time zones across the globe – yet there you are on a video conference, firing off frenzied emails, or streaming your favourite show. That is the power and convenience that awaits you mid-flight. With Delta’s in-flight WiFi, in-flight internet isn’t a luxury, but a necessity for the 21st-century traveller – whether for work or play.

Prepare For Your Connected Journey

Before you take off, there are some key steps you need to take. First, make sure your device’s battery is fully charged. There’s nothing worse than needing to send off an important email only to have your device die on you. You might want to consider purchasing a portable charger as well for extra back-up. <Download the Delta Airlines app. Not only does it provide you with a wealth of information about your flight (and allows you to track your luggage in real-time), but it’s your main tool for managing your in-flight WiFi access. It’s an absolute must-have for any tech-savvy traveller.

Trade Winds For Signal Bars

As the plane begins to take flight and the captain turns off the seatbelt sign, it’s your cue to venture into the digital realm. First, enable aeroplane mode on your device, and then select WiFi from your settings. Look for the ‘’ network, and you’ll have access in a matter of minutes.

Navigating the Login Process

The process begins automatically after connecting to ‘’. If it doesn’t, open up your web browser and the login page will appear. At this point, you’ll be greeted with a few different options. If you happen to be a SkyMiles member, you can punch in your membership info to log in. Depending on your membership tier, you might get complimentary or discounted access as a result. If you’re not a member, you can still log in by purchasing a pass. It’s painless and only takes a few clicks.

Making the Most of Your In-Flight WiFi

Now that you’re connected, the digital world is your oyster. But don’t forget to be realistic with your expectations. The WiFi speed at around 35,000 feet isn’t going to stack up against your high-speed connection back home. You might find it a little hard to do things like streaming high-definition videos for that reason. It’s a different story if you’re just browsing checking emails, or staying connected on social media.

Remember, in-flight WiFi isn’t just there to entertain you, but it’s also a major perk for business travellers. You can keep moving forward with your work, hop on a conference call and keep colleagues and clients connected from take-off to landing.

A Few Considerations for a Smooth Experience

Conserve Your Batteries: To avoid running out of juice mid-flight, you should dim your screen and close any apps that are running in the background, both of which can suck your device’s battery dry.

Flight Path Restrictions: Be aware that bandwidth could be a little different, depending on where your flight path is heading. The WiFi might be extremely limited or off-limits altogether if you’re flying over an area that’s particularly remote, including large bodies of water.

Be Mindful of Your Data Usage: Keep an eye on how much data you’re using if you’re on a free or limited plan. That means you should stick to things like checking emails or browsing, and avoid bigger activities like trying to stream videos.

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In Conclusion

Congratulations! You’re now well on your way to getting connected while soaring the skies with Delta’s in-flight WiFi — making communication while flying something you can put on autopilot. Stay efficient and connected, whether you’re closing that crucial deal, keeping the lines open to your loved ones or staving off boredom at mile high. Delta’s WiFi service will ensure no breaking of the internet is necessary — at least during your next flight! — in order to reach you. Remember these tips, on your journey, and never be separated from the digital amenities at your fingertips. Happy travels and happy browsing!

From closing deals at 35,000 feet to keeping your messages close, in-flight Wi-Fi by Delta empowers your memorable next journeys to be seamless and even jettisoned within hailing distance of anyone in your life…or anyone in an inbox or on the web. On your next Delta flight, keep these tips close, connect and dip into those bits and bytes at your fingertips. Safe travels and happy browsing!

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