General News Websites: The What’s and Who’s


General News Websites are classified as websites that deliver general news content and other generalised content that you can’t find on regular, run-of-the-mill news websites. While this niche is very limited (in its population), there are websites that have performed above par and have made a name for themselves. Like Wall Street Call, which is the definitive and the leading website that delivers on general news content. Like many others, this website also has a ton of features; press releases, live updated stock prices and a myriad of other features designed for the entrepreneur on the go. We’ll discuss this and more later on in this article, but first: what are general news websites.

What are General News Websites?

As the name implies, general news websites are websites that have general news content published on their site for general public viewing. You might ask, well then, what is general news? General news is well, general news. Anything that constitutes as news and might interest a reader is classified as a general news content and item. However, the thing about these websites and their publishing criteria is that they follow certain niches, certain trends and certain topics. Like many sites follow press release marketing, digital marketing and those sort of niches and trends. You won’t see any unrelated content on such websites.

Similarly, when it comes to publishing requirements and guidelines, politics and opinions are usually kept out of the discussion. Since they represent biases (usually) and the websites try to come off as non-partisan, therefore, for general news websites, politics and comments are a big no-no. Whereas news sites readily discuss politics and allow space for opinionated articles and editorial pieces, general news websites discuss and deal in facts, and not politics and opinions.

What Kind of Content is Posted on General News Websites?

As explained beforehand, general news websites’ content is pretty much just generalised and generic content, banal enough to be mistaken as filler material; which is why many of these websites have attracted and started working on specific niches; many take up digital marketing, some take up press release marketing and many other niches, that helps diversify and add to their growing library of content.

However, as the name would suggest, a general news website will not conform to a singular criterion of content type; rather, they deal in general content, which means any content that is deemed publishable by them can and will be published accordingly. From news items (non-politicised) to any publishing matter from the niche they have adopted can be found on a general news website.

Where can I Find General News Websites?

Well, a simple Google search will not suffice. That’s because general news websites can be confused by news sites, with the result being a search query that generates hundreds of websites of news outlets like Fox, CNN, Bloomberg and the likenesses. There’s actually a trick to search out a general news website. Since a general news website itself is a niche, you need to focus on what kind of niche the article follows. Once there, you can search out the publishing interests of the website and search using keywords or tags that an article on the site might have; this will simplify enough for the search engine to match and display the general news website in the results.

General news websites, like the one linked above, can have a myriad of content other than the perceived niche. For example, many such sites are geared towards finance and economy (because they seem to be the hot topic everywhere), which means they’ve got content and features related to finance, stock exchanges and the whole shebang. Better optimised and intuitive sites geared towards visitors interested in finance also have a ticker or a ribbon displaying the stock prices of major companies and holdings; these are usually updated in live time and are displayed according to the location of the user. So, a site catering to American viewers would display stock prices of companies like Apple (AAPL), Starbucks (SBUX) or Microsoft (MSFT).

What’s more, these sites include prices and options from all the major stock exchanges and markets across a region. If we take the same American example as before, so, these sites would have a floating ribbon displaying share prices from NASDAQ, NYSE and other major stock exchanges. This is a great feature of general news websites including the finance niche content on their websites; in order to stand out from the competition, regardless of what niche they follow, a website will throw in extra features to make sure that a general news website does not get generalised enough to be included in the masses; it needs to stand out from the competition and attract as many viewers and visitors as possible to stay alive and stay afloat.

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