Home Cleaning Hacks for Each Season

Home Cleaning Hacks for Each Season
Home chores getting you down? Make cleaning your house easier with our home maintenance hacks perfect for every season! Without further ado, let’s get to cleaning!
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Spring is the season for gardening fun! It’s the time where flowers are blooming, and the trees are at their brightest green. That means it’s also the time when pollen and allergies are at their peak, so house cleaning is a must to keep the sniffles away!

Cover your windows

Pollen can get everywhere, and it gets into your home as dust particles that can create a layer on your furniture and countertops. Prevent dust from getting into your home by covering your windows with a screen to lessen the amount of pollen that gets in. Animal fur from shedding, fallen leaves, and other debris will be caught by the screen before they get into your home.

Keep the air purifier on

Your air purifier comes in handy during pollen season, as it sucks up the dust and debris from the air before you have the chance to inhale them. Wash your filter regularly, and use your air purifier when you start to feel the sniffles to prevent hay fever from worsening. Keep the air purifier near you rather than the windows to fully optimize its use.

Vacuum your furniture

Vacuuming may be a habit for you already, but a daily vacuum of your floors isn’t enough to keep the dust away. Vacuum your furniture daily to remove the layer of dust and pollen that formed on the surface. Vacuum your patio furniture as well, especially if you plan to use them often. Prevent allergies by vacuuming your carpets and rugs too!


Summer may not be the season for hayfever, but the heat and humidity can cause other problems. Mold, mildew, and bacteria love to grow in hot and humid areas, and the summertime is the perfect season for ticks and other insects to thrive. Keep your home clear of pests with our simple hacks!

Clean your AC filter

When it’s hot out, the AC can be a lifesaver that keeps your home cool. However, a malfunctioning air conditioner could be your worst nightmare when it’s 90 degrees outside! Clean your AC filter regularly to keep your AC in good condition all summer long.

Use the AC on the dry setting

Turn your air conditioner to its dry setting to prevent moisture around the room, especially if you’ve spilled some liquids on your carpet. This will prevent mold, mildew, and bugs from taking refuge in your carpets, furniture, and more. The dry setting should also help deodorize your furniture from the sweat of summer heat.

Use baby powder to dust off sand

Gone to the beach this summer, and found sand everywhere? Keep the sand at the beach by

using baby powder to dust off the sand from your skin and belongings. Moisture can cause sand to stick, but baby powder dries the moisture out, making it easy to wipe and away from your skin. Do the same for your belongings before you take them into the house to keep it clean!


When the days start to get chilly, and the leaves start to turn, autumn is upon us! The season of spices, pumpkins, and turkey is also the season of fallen leaves getting everywhere. Clear out those leaves with our easy cleaning hacks!

Clear your gutters easily

As the rainy season approaches, cleaning out your gutters before heavy rains is essential to prevent leaks in your home. Clean out your gutters easily by using your hose to moisten the dirt and leaves, then use a large garbage bag to scoop up the debris in one go! Tie up the bag, and dispose of it for an easy autumn cleaning.

Trim your lawns and maintain your garden

Unless you’re going for the abandoned house aesthetic for Halloween, trim and manage your lawns to keep the leaves away from your garden. Use a leaf blower or a rake, and steer those fallen leaves into a plastic bag fitted over an upturned laundry basket for easy clean-up! Take the leaves to the trash, or compost them in time for spring planting!


Winter is cold and icy – it’s not the best time to use washing and drying methods for your home. Clean out some furniture with a DIY dry cleaning, and keep slippery ice away from your walkways with our easy homemade solutions!

Baking soda to dry clean

Winter is absolutely the worst time to wash your furniture, but when it’s starting to smell, you might not have a choice. However, you can delay furniture washing with a simple hack: a baking soda deodorizer! Add drops of essential oil into baking soda and mix well. Apply the powder on your furniture, and let sit for an hour before vacuuming it up.

De-ice your driveway the easy way

A DIY solution of hot water, a few drops of dish soap, and ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol can be used to quickly and easily de-ice your driveway, making it safer for you to

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