How Does Natural bug Spray Work?

How Does Natural bug Spray Work?

There is a lot of buzz around organic(natural) bug repellent, but how does this bug spray work? Are you telling me that you do not need chemicals to deter bugs? Continue reading and find out why natural bug spray is not only the safer option, but it’s also more effective and pleasant than other repellents.

Naturally deterring Ingredients

Organic bug sprays like the one here use premium botanical ingredients that insects naturally hate. The essential oils that are used in the process have attributes that make you repulsive to insects but smell great to humans. The ingredients are naturally good for your skin, so instead of applying chemicals, you actually benefit from the application. 

The primary ingredient used in natural bug sprays is neem oil, which is one of the strongest insect repellent ingredients that you can use. Mixing the neem oil with other ingredients to support the mixture is what gives organic sunscreen the highest effectiveness. 

Friendly For the Environment

First off, whenever you hop in the lake, river, creek, or any other natural source of water, where does your bug spray go? And if it’s unnatural, will it inure the ecosystem? It may seem negligible when you think about the size of the body of water you are in, but the chemical runoff from inorganic bug repellents and sunscreens can severely impact the environment. In place of natural substances being diluted into the water, you are displacing DEET, a common bug spray chemical. After enough of these chemicals are left in an environment, consequences are inevitable.

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The second point to make is that in place of large manufacturing plants, most organic product companies take a more natural approach. While others need factories to concoct their bug repellent, organic companies only need a garden and a few loving hands. Even the creation of natural bug sprays is better for the environment!

Is Organic Bug Spray Right For Your Family?

If any bug repellent is the perfect fit for your family, it’s organic bug spray. These formulas are far more gentle, carry a more pleasant odor, and are just as effective as traditional bug sprays, without the cost. You can also find bug spray products that are non-GMO, gluten-free, and most importantly; titanium dioxide-free. Get your organic bug spray today and let your family enjoy the outdoors with a clean conscious.

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