How to plan a Diet Chart for Weight Loss?


Having a healthy diet is the building block towards maintaining a healthy life. Following a 7 days diet plan for weight loss can be imperatively effective in maintaining a healthy weight. Planning your meal prior to the day can help you save a lot of time and give more clarity on building a healthy diet plan for yourself. 

Planning a meal

While planning an appropriate meal chart, you might stumble upon a plethora of options and enticing information. This might lead to confusion in which measures to incorporate and which ones to brush off. Below we have mentioned some important pointers to take note of while planning for your meals. 

Calorie deficit diet

A paramount thing to note while planning your meals is keeping the consumption of calories moderate or even low. Make sure your next meal is rich in fiber and protein. As these ingredients help emanate the feeling of fullness for longer duration, keeping the frequent cravings at bay. Processed and sugary foods are the beacon for excess fat. Thus it’s important to substantially cut on the same. Add more veggies and fruits to your meal increasing your nutrient intake. 

Nutrient-rich meals

While following a weight loss diet plan, it’s important to build a plan that’s rich in nutrients. To follow this, start your meal with non-starchy veggies such as baby corn and avocado as they are low in calories and enriches one with water, fiber, vitamins and other essentials. Adding protein and fiber-rich snacks to your meal can help with making one feel full for long, effectively assisting with weight loss. 

Sticking to the plan

Curating a meal plan is only helpful as long as it’s getting implemented. Thus it’s important that one sticks to the diet plan they have made for themselves. Below mentioned are some tips that one can follow to sustain their plan.

What fits the routine

Make a meal plan that falls in sync with your routine. It is advisable to do mass grocery shopping ahead of the coming week so that you are spared with last minute grocery runs. If your timings are rigid, you can think of preparing the meal a night before the following day. You may need not follow hard and fast steps to a recipe. Feel free to experiment as per your convenience. 

App can be helpful

There are various apps that can help in keeping track of your daily meals and provide templates to maintain the same. It can also customize your grocery lists based on the recipes that you have logged in saving you time and effort. 


Snacking is a very effective way to beat the nagging cravings and helps keep you full. Nuts, roasted chickpeas, or veggies and hummus are useful snacking options to maintain a healthy weight. 

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Add variety

Although healthy, eating the same meal excessively frequently can make the meal dull and demotivate you to stick to the plan. Thus, it’s recommended to add variety to your meals to keep it interesting and fun.

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