Is the Virtual office the right choice for your business?

Virtual office

To put it simply, a virtual office is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ coworking office space. Since it is purely subscription-based, you have to pay for it monthly or quarterly. You get a registered business address to operate officially along with a bunch of other key features that help you run your company.

The office is called virtual because you get the office address and services, but you don’t occupy the physical office space. You can only use it occasionally for meetings and conferences. Your mail and calls can be handled as well, through proper front desk services. You can easily stay in the backend without coming to the office at all. A virtual office gives you a perfect blend of anonymity and being known.

Picking the right virtual office is vital for your company. You need to understand what you are looking for from the service to make the right decision. A virtual office offers you a very flexible and affordable service that aims at catering to all your operational needs.

As a new entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is to increase productivity and financial growth while maintaining low overhead. Virtual office lets you cut down the cost but it improves efficiency and productivity through remote working. The effectiveness of the service depends on your business needs. It might work for some businesses better than others. To know whether it will work for your business, let us understand a few more details about it.

Who should use the virtual office?

Home run businesses:

If you are running a business from your home, this is a perfect solution for you. Why? For starters, having your home address written on your business correspondence can cause difficulties for you in matters of financial and legal issues. It can cause tax and audit problems for your business. Getting a loan and registering your business can be an issue also. Banks and financial institutions are not a fan of home addresses on business documents.

It is also unsafe for you and your family to have your home address printed on marketing materials throughout the city. Some unwanted people can get access to your personal space through it. So it is always wise to have a commercial address on your business’s printed materials.

Another valid reason for home-run businesses to have a commercial or registered business address is to gain customer loyalty. Most of the customers don’t take home run businesses seriously. But if they get to know that the company has a business address that is also in a good commercial hub, they notice the company. So in a way, it increases your company’s reliability in the eyes of your target audience. 

All these problems can be easily solved, by using a virtual office. By using this service, you can run the business from your home. But the facia of your business will have a well-reputed commercial address.

New businesses:

Another good candidate is the new business startup. When you are starting a new business, you have a lot on your plate. You have to sort out a lot of things from your resources to HR, from seed money to legal issues, and whatnot! With all of these things keeping you on your toes, acquiring an office building and setting it up with all the equipment can be too much to handle.

A virtual office takes this burden off of your shoulders. Now you don’t have to worry about renting a building, decorating it appropriately, hiring managerial staff, or equipping it with state-of-the-art office facilities. You can just pay a subscription fee to get all of these. 

Getting this burden out of your way, you can now focus on establishing your brand and taking off into the business world. 

Businesses with a limited budget:

New or old businesses that have a limited budget are always on the edge of their seats. They have to make a profit for themselves without draining much of the funds on maintaining the office. A virtual office is an affordable service as compared to the cost of maintaining a complete physical. It is very cost-effective in terms of the features you get against the cost you pay.

This budget limitation is not just for new or small businesses. Many medium-sized businesses also face this issue and a virtual office can help them too. 

Businesses expanding to other regions:

If you are planning to expand your business to other cities or areas, you should get virtual office services. It is a good thing to test the waters in new areas, with a new target audience. Getting your business to expand into areas where you have limited access and resources can be challenging. 

Getting a new office with loaded resources in an area that is alien to you is all stress and liability. That is the reason why people wait for ages to expand. But with the virtual office, it can be as simple as anything. Just sign up for the subscription service and start the process. 

Many eCommerce businesses that work in different countries and have branch offices are usually using virtual office services. Similarly, businesses that use remote workers and freelancers also use this model.

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The takeaway:

Virtual offices can be used for every type of business, but it works for some better than others. The current times of COVID-19, have made running an office more challenging. With remote working and contactless business processes getting popular, virtual office services have become popular too. 

The features you need for different businesses are different. That is why the services you get in a virtual office are flexible as well. You can pick the ones about your business and only pay for them. This flexibility makes this service affordable and within reach of every business. 

But do not go on only on the promises of the providers. If you are planning to use physical services like office space and equipment, visit the premises to see the standard of services offered. Sign up only after you are 100% sure that it will enhance your productivity and company image.

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