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KissAnime is an online anime-focused file-sharing website that hosted videos and links, allowing visitors to freely download or stream videos and anime movies illegally for free. It was a sister website to a popular anime viewing site, KissManga. As its popularity increased, both the anime and manga viewing traffic increased on both sites. While most fans still watch their anime favorite via the KissAnime site, other sites continue to host content that would violate the terms of service of the file-sharing networks.

While it is easy to access, KissAnime had many flaws. First, it was very slow in loading videos, and in general, the entire site had a very disjointed and unpolished look and feel. Second, many anime fans complained about the poor picture and sound quality, but I have seen some good ones. Third, the site had very limited options for adding in customizations and it was really quite difficult to use a new profile to create a new account. Fourth, the user-friendly interface of kissanime just did not impress me.

Fortunately, there is now a much better anime download and streaming service. Unlike kissanime, Shingeki No Kyo follows professional streaming guidelines and provides excellent image and sound quality. It also has a much wider variety of genres and subgenres to choose from and lets you watch your favorite anime TV series or movies in high definition, even when your bandwidth and internet connection is not quite as high-speed as those of kissanime.

Unlike kissanime, this new file-sharing website uses SSL security technology to protect your data. By downloading from this site you are also assured that your personal details and financial details are safe. Unlike kissanime which uses FTP and email to transfer files, this site uses PayPal – the most secure online payment platform available. There are also privacy policies and terms of use listed at the bottom of every page on the website to ensure your comfort and ease of use.

Unlike kissanime which is more of a public service site, this newer version is private for the sole purpose of allowing anime downloads. The users of this site have to pay a small fee to access their database of member anime DVDs. This is actually a money-making opportunity for the site’s operator who gets to collect a monthly fee from subscription fees. The site operators aim to expand their database to include movies, animated films, cartoon shows, and other media which are popular with male and female anime fans.

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On this site, all one needs to do is register and download anime downloads. The user-friendly interface makes browsing the database easy and convenient. It features a standard layout with navigation buttons, sub-menus, search bar, and titles. The pictures and videos player features an innovative user-friendly interface and it lets the user open favorite manga and anime series. The subtitles help in fast navigation and the audio player lets the user pause, skip and rewind anytime it’s necessary.

Kissanime offers a wide array of anime shows to its registered members which range from the recent releases of the popular ones to the old classics. Subscribers have the option of downloading the entire selection or only the favorite episodes or even both if they like. There are no advertisements placed in the shows so there is no need for adblocking software. Apart from that, the members have the privilege of watching the episodes in different languages, while some of them also get to see the movies in different languages. This is actually one of the many attractive features that make this online streaming site so popular among anime fans.

Other than a large number of manga and anime series, Kissanime has a great collection of movies as well. There are a number of movies that are released every month and the price is very reasonable at just $8. With access to the entire database and other services, Kissanime is one of the best sites that all anime fans should consider visiting.

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