Kochi Expanding Its North Indian Food Spectrum

North Indian Food

Kochi, the food capital of Kerala, is all set to embark on new goals in the food culture. You must have heard all about the mouth-watering South Indian food setting benchmarks of what authentic South Indian cuisine looks like. From street foods to 5-star restaurants with fancy food servings, Kochi houses all. However, the city is about to level up gears this time by introducing its own North Indian food culture. Now, we will have ample North Indian restaurants in Kochi, which will serve a cuisine range from all across India. 

What is the Food Culture of Kochi?

Kochi tailors its own authentic food culture with spices and ingredients. From the local houses to the local restaurants, what you spot in Kochi’s delectables include:

  • Spicy food
  • More tamarind and coconut usage.
  •  Obsession with delectable seafood.
  • Authentic traditional Southern cuisine with Avil, Rasam, Thoren, Beef chilly, Chicken biryani, etc.

With this, Kochi has become the perfect tourist destination in the Southern region. This city has given its all to the nation, from spectacular religious architecture to mind-blowing food.

But there is another milestone that is highlighting the city even more. 

Introduction of North Indian Wholesomeness in South 

With intact tourism and more fondness for the lifestyle of Kochi, the city is now pioneering the introduction of North Indian restaurants in Kochi. These restaurants can take people on another helluva ride. After all, this is what people long for. This is why the fondness for these restaurants became more prominent. The North Indian restaurants in Kochi are gaining popularity over time so that the South Indians get to taste the wholesome food of the North while the North Indians get to savor their native food away from home. 

Kochi – Now Being the Multiverse of Food Mania

There is no more loophole left in the food mania of Kochi. The people here can find everything here, from South Indian food to North Indian cuisine. But with the bonanza of multiple cuisines like Chinese food, Italian food, Mexican food, etc. 

Today, the city owns most of the big food franchises rolling all across the world. La Pino’z Pizza, Oven Story Pizza – Standout Toppings, Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, Kappa Stories, etc. are among some of the commonly heard names that Kochi now holds.

Kochi’s restaurants are not just about the foods introduced by the natives. It is also about those tourists who now live in the city to give a multiverse of food exposure to the people coming and living in Kochi. 

The Must-Try Foods from the North Indian Restaurants in Kochi

The North Indian cuisine has the best delicacies in town to fetch. These are some of the must-try foods in Kochi because the chefs here do not miss out on adding their South Indian kind of tadka. Here is what the people can savor. 

Butter Chicken

South Indian cuisine is known for its heart-warming non-vegetarian food cuisine. Beef, fish, chicken and mutton, every delicacy feels one of a kind. However, butter chicken is the original North Indian food that every non-vegetarian food lover must try. This is a creamy chicken delicacy cooked with ample use of butter. Onion, cashews, tomato, cream, and lots of butter are minced together, along with the addition of traditional Indian spices. This got to be the most-loved chicken dish in the world. 

Stuffed Paratha

Parathas and Indians have a strong connection with one another. After all, whether it is for breakfast or it is for a desi feast at night, North Indians love to celebrate with parathas. So, the North Indian restaurants in Kochi have put their benchmark in the same with restaurants serving wholesome parathas.  Some of the culinary dishes that will be served include Paneer paratha, aloo paratha, keema paratha, pyaz paratha, etc.

The Fabulous Paneer Dishes

Every feast/ party/ wedding reception is incomplete without a paneer dish on the menu list. Cottage cheese is no less than an obsession for all those who are true fans of North Indian food. So, the top-notch restaurants of Kochi understand the same and therefore serve all the culinary dishes like paneer makhani, kadai paneer, paneer do pyaza, etc. Every dish tastes different and one of a kind. 


Biryani is a massive innovation to rice, and it is not the rice like in South India. It is neither plain rice nor steamed rice. Instead, it is a fully flavored rice delicacy where even a bite of rice induces fruitful flavors in the mouth. And you can find all kinds at once, like veg biryani, chicken biryani, and mutton biryani. Rice is cooked with these main ingredients: assorted spices, chilies, and lots of ginger garlic juiciness. This North Indian delicacy can be a spectacular end of a day. 

Indian Breads

The North Indian restaurants in Kochi complete the Indian rituals to the fullest by serving a variety of Indian breads. Naan, chapati, roti, rumali roti, tandoori roti, etc., are among some of the popular Indian breads that can be savored with all these Indian curries and sabzis. 

Which Top North Indian Restaurants in Kochi are Setting Milestones?

Coming ahead of the renowned franchises residing in Kochi, you can also explore some of the local restaurants serving delectable North Indian cuisine. Urban Paratha, Galaxy Family Restaurant, Al Saj Restaurant, Harsh Dhaba, LunchBox – Meals and Thalis, Haji Ebrahim, etc., are among some of the prominent must-try restaurants. Moreover, each of these restaurants promotes home delivery too. 

Feast at the “Place You Call Home” 

While this North Indian feast is worth celebrating in Kochi, you can also celebrate it at the place “you call home” in Kochi. Be it at the hostel, Zostel, ancestral home or by the lakeside, you can relish each of these delightful foods through home delivery. For this, Swiggy is taking a new initiative to promote a feast with the family or a solo ride at your favorite place in Kochi. For this, the home delivery option at Swiggy is all set to arrive with your North Indian Food for lunch or dinner within a matter of an hour. Order online and get it delivered straight to your doorstep. And the restaurants and dishes you found above- are all on Swiggy.

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