Laravel and CodeIgniter: The PHP Framework Rivals


PHP frameworks define a structured way of development. Using a PHP framework, it becomes easy to create custom business solutions. Web designers have a vast choice of choosing from different PHP frameworks, but the most-talked PHP frameworks are Laravel and CodeIgniter. Both have been a prominent choice for different web developers. There are different reasons that state the popularity of Laravel and CodeIgniter. Right from their features and compatibility, there are numerous reasons why they are leading the competitive market.
“But what should I choose?” is a question that makes the situation tricky. Selecting the right PHP framework for developing an application is essential. Today, every magento website development company in India uses either Laravel or CodeIgniter for proffering customized web solutions. The selection of either is beneficial but, it depends on an individual’s understanding of the features of both above-mentioned PHP frameworks. Without understanding, you cannot distinguish their use in PHP website development. So without causing delays, let’s understand these frameworks in detail.

Introducing Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. It was conceived for developing web applications under the MVC pattern. Since it was released under an MIT license, GitHub hosts its source code. Many web developers use Laravel because of its agility in handling tasks appearing in web projects. Sessions, routing, caching, and authentication are widely appearing common tasks in web projects that are easily handled using Laravel. It has some features like:
• Modular packaging
• Seamless integration with 3rd-party libraries
• In-built authentication feature
• Easy to use blade-templating engine
• In-built authentication mechanism
• Better IO capabilities

Advantages of Using Laravel

Here’s a look at some key advantages of using the Laravel framework in PHP.

Template Tool

Laravel is equipped with a pre-installed template engine that speaks volumes. Most of the web developers use this feature for seeding content on the website/application. The templates in Laravel cache the PHP form for an application’s better performance.

In-built Libraries

With an amazing feature of in-built libraries, Laravel promises simplified use of different features like CSRF insurance, watchword reset, encryption etc. It also has additional functionalities that assist in generating views, firing events, sending HTTP requests etc. These features are nowhere else to be found apart from Laravel.

Authorization & Authentication

When you develop a PHP website using Laravel, authentication & authorization are its prime features promised. For all Magento web developers, safety assurance of every PHP framework website is the key priority. With authentication, only specified people are allowed to access the resources.

URL Generation

Using Laravel allows the creation of links that are used for creating templates. The framework loads the Laravel corridors set in the app/Http/routes.php file. It becomes essential to link the user directly to the page he/she wants to visit after clicking the link.

Knowing CodeIgniter

If you’re a PHP website designer who believes in producing the finest quality websites, CodeIgniter is the framework you should choose. There’s no need to follow the MVC development pattern and you can enjoy operational freedom. Since it has a simple routing with swift response and stability, it remains a popular choice among many people. Some features of CodeIgniter include:
• Session management
• Light framework
• Search-amicable URLs
• Session management
• Structured documentation
• XSS filtering
• Error logging

Advantages of Using CodeIgniter
CodeIgniter has a lot of advantages. Here’s a look at some key advantages.

No Server Required

The best thing about using CodeIgniter is its smooth functioning on PHP 4 and PHP 5 alike. Hence, it doesn’t require a server for functioning.

Vast Developer Community

Even though you’re a professional PHP web designer, there might be instances where guidance is needed. The community feature of CodeIgniter allows connecting with designers & developers from different parts of the world. Moreover, intense solution providing activity wouldn’t halt the work beyond a couple of hours!


CodeIgniter has the feature where the security can be upgraded or downgraded as per the requirement. It has directives that can be turned off for changing the level of security. By removing slashes from the URL code, avoiding the SQL query and enabling encryption code becomes easy.

Abstracting Data

For instant additions and replacements, CodeIgniter has a data abstraction feature. Under this feature, writing the SQL isn’t mandatory for the developer. Only a single application is required for managing multiple connections.

Here’s How to Distinguish

Laravel and CodeIgniter are quite distinguishable. Below, the prominent differences between the two PHP frameworks are listed:
• CodeIgniter is object-oriented and Laravel is relational object-oriented
• CodeIgniter lacks an in-built authentication feature, but Laravel is equipped with an in-built authentication feature
• Laravel comes with an in-built unit tester but CodeIgniter lacks this feature

Popular Websites Created Using These PHP Frameworks

 PHP websites created using Laravel- Startups, YuLair, Fox47, Bonappetour, TOYOTA Hall of Fame, Explore Georgia etc.

PHP websites created using CodeIgniter- Casio, The Mail & Guardian, Nissan, Feedcump, Buffer, McClatchy, Bonfire etc.

But They Aren’t Supreme

Yes, that’s true. Laravel & CodeIgniter are laudable PHP Frameworks but cannot be crowned as Supreme Frameworks. Both have limitations and it includes:

For Laravel

 Absence of continuation between versions
 Lack of mobile app richness
 Minor bugs after upgrading

For CodeIgniter

 No exhaustive libraries
 No importance on maintaining codes

What Would You Choose?

To close this, we can say both of these PHP frameworks have their importance and advantages. In any case, it altogether relies upon your undertaking what one you ought to like. On comparing Laravel with CodeIgniter, web developers might find it hard to learn the concepts of Laravel. But once learned, it can offer great benefits to the website. Similarly, CodeIgniter has its own features that make it easy to learn. Whatever is the requirement, asses everything appropriately and then select the right PHP framework.

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