minneapolis council clearview aihatmakertechcrunch

minneapolis council clearview aihatmakertechcrunch

Minneapolis City Council is making strides in the tech industry. On Wednesday, they unanimously passed the Clearview AI Resolution, which will limit the use of facial recognition technology by government entities in Minneapolis. The resolution also includes language banning the use of this technology for any surveillance purposes. This decision is significant because it helps to protect residents from potential privacy violations and reinforces a commitment to creating ethical standards for tech companies operating in Minneapolis. In this article, we’ll explore what the resolution means and how it sets an example for other cities looking to regulate facial recognition technology.

What is the Minneapolis City Council’s Clearview AI Resolution?

The Minneapolis City Council has unanimously passed a resolution calling for a ban on the use of Clearview AI, a controversial facial recognition tool that has been used by law enforcement agencies across the country.

The council’s resolution, which was introduced by council member Steve Fletcher, calls for an immediate moratorium on the use of Clearview AI by all city departments, including the police. It also calls on other municipalities to follow suit and ban the use of the tool.

Clearview AI has come under fire for collecting billions of photos from social media sites without users’ consent or knowledge. The company then sells access to its database to law enforcement agencies, who can use it to identify people in photos and videos.

Critics say that the technology is inaccurate and could be used to violate people’s privacy and civil liberties. They also argue that it could be used to target marginalized communities, such as immigrants and people of color.

The Minneapolis City Council’s resolution is non-binding, but it sends a strong message to law enforcement agencies that the use of Clearview AI is not welcome in the city.

What is Clearview AI?

Clearview AI is a technology company that specializes in facial recognition software. The company has developed a database of over three billion images that it uses to identify people. It has been used by law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada to track down criminals and missing persons. The company has come under fire for its privacy policies, as well as its ethical implications.

How does Clearview AI work?

Clearview AI is a software company that uses artificial intelligence to help law enforcement identify people from photos. It does this by scraping billions of public photos from websites like Facebook and Instagram, and then uses facial recognition to match faces in those photos with faces in its database.

So far, the company has only been used by a few dozen law enforcement agencies, but it has already faced criticism for its privacy implications.

What are the implications of the Minneapolis City Council’sClearview AI Resolution?

The Minneapolis City Council’s recent resolution to ban the use of Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology has far-reaching implications. Not only does it prevent city employees from using the tool, but it also bars any private entity doing business with the city from using it as well. This is a major blow to Clearview AI, which has touted its technology as being able to identify anyone from a database of billions of images.

The implications of this resolution are twofold. First, it sends a strong message to other cities that they too can take action to limit the use of facial recognition technology. Second, it will likely force Clearview AI to change its business model, as many of its customers are now located in cities that have banned its use. In the long run, this could lead to more regulations around the use of facial recognition technology, which would be a major victory for privacy advocates.

Alternatives to Clearview AI

There are a number of alternatives to Clearview AI that provide similar services. These include:

-HATmaker: HATmaker is a facial recognition platform that offers a number of features similar to Clearview AI, including the ability to search for images across the web, as well as access to a database of over three billion images.

-TechCrunch: TechCrunch is a website that provides technology news, analysis, and commentary. It also has a section devoted to startups, which includes profiles of companies in the space, such as Clearview AI.

-8VC: 8VC is a venture capital firm that has invested in a number of companies in the artificial intelligence space, including Clearview AI.

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The Minneapolis City Council’s decision to purchase Clearview Aihatmaker technology is a positive step forward for the city. Not only does it provide access to new technologies that can help fight crime, but it also allows law enforcement agencies to become more efficient in their operations and make better use of resources. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for citizens to have greater transparency and oversight over the activities of police officers. Overall, the benefits of this technology outweigh any potential concerns raised by its implementation.

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