Parameters That Landlord And Tenant Should Consider Before Finalizing The Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

Undoubtedly, one of the most complicated tasks is to find the most suitable flat to rent in the metro cities. These cities are filled with numerous accommodation options but at hovering rental charges. To have quick access to their rental flat, people often noticed to have put themselves into trouble for not going through the agreement before sealing it. So, if you are planning to take a fully furnished flat for rent in Gurgaon, the following content would help you take further steps towards finalizing the agreement.

Parameters for signing a mindful rental agreement

Details of rent-

Many people often make mistakes regarding this aspect of the flat rental agreement. However, this is the one that needs proper attention. It is important on the part of the tenant to take notice of the rent amount and its increments. Your agreement must be clear about the rental clause. If there is no mention of the increment of rent in the agreement and then also the landlord increases it, you will be able to challenge him.

Additionally, the renewal of the agreement should be done after the completion of 11 months. The tenant must also pay attention to the security deposit and how it will be adjusted.

The tenant is also supposed to focus on the agreement mentioning the stay period and the notice period. The tenant has to play a very active role while the rental parameter is being discussed and put to writing in the agreement.

Other fees-

The tenants are also required to pay attention to the following aspects:

Payment method- It is always suggested that the tenant should stay alert when it comes to the method of payment in the rental flat contract. It will help in clearing confusion and avoid conflicts in the future.

Date of the rental payment and the penalty for the delay- The rental agreement should also be clear about the date at which the tenant is required to make a rental payment. Also, make sure if the contract has a clause related to delay payments and penalty on it.

Charges for the amenities- Usually, the rent for the flat covers all the amenities in it. However, it is important on the part of the tenant to check if the provision of facilities such as gym, swimming pool, club, etc is being charged separately or not.

Read terms and conditions clause carefully- 

The tenant is always recommended to read the terms and conditions of the rental flat contract carefully. Because sometimes too many imposed restrictions can intrude into your smooth living and lead you towards conflicts. So, do check if the landlord has certain restrictions. If yes, then what are they, and how are they going to affect you. If the conditions are too much, then it better that you look out for another rental flat.

Check the whole property-

This is one of the most important parameters that every tenant must do while shifting to the new flat. He is supposed to check the functionality and repairs of the whole property. He must check the basic construction, conditions of the electric appliances, connections, wires and plumbing fixtures, etc. If you find anything not being in the proper condition or damaged, then that should be brought under the notice of the landlord before signing the agreement.

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Payment for the Maintenance

The rental flat agreement should also be clear about which party is liable to pay for the maintenance charges i.e., plumbing, painting, whitewashing, etc. The contract should also define who will incur expenses for accidental damage or destruction. The tenant should look out for this clause diligently to avoid confusion in the future.

These are the few parameters that need to be abided by both parties of the contract. The landlord should put these clauses into the agreement, and the tenant makes sure that he goes through everything what is written in it. After crossing all the above points from the list, he is supposed to sign the rental flat agreement.

The rental agreement is usually created by the real estate agent. This agreement is later signed by both the parties in the presence of two people who are the non-beneficiaries to the contract. These two people are also supposed to sign the agreement as witnesses on the contract. The landlord is supposed to keep the original copy of the drafted rental agreement, and the tenant is required to incur expenses related to the agreement.

So, if you are looking for a fully furnished flat for rent in Gurgaon, then we suggest you consider all the above factors before finalizing the deal. We want to assure that our customers do not get into trouble in the future because of the negligence they have shown during the drafting process of the contract.

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