Perfect fillers for a wood flower bouquet

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So after accepting the wonderful reality of sola wood flowers it is now time to understand the ways to enhance the beauty of wooden flower arrangements. The everlasting beauty, durability, and grace of sola wood flowers are simply irresistible to make these flowers a perfect choice for wedding decorations, home décor, and complicated floral arrangements.

After getting the perfect sola wood flowers to create a bouquet or a floral arrangement, the next step is the selection of foliages and fillers.

Filler Flowers:

Filler flowers are a sort of flowers that are used to cover some holes or unnecessary gaps in the floral arrangement. These flowers are generally some bushes stems containing clusters of small flowers, such as:

  • Baby’s Breath flower
  • Waxflower,
  • Aster
  • Bupleurum
  • Limonium.

Some spray varieties of focal (main) flower species can also be used as fillers. These spray species have a single stem carrying multiple flowers instead of a single large bloom, like spray Carnations or spray Roses.

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Importance of filler flowers:

In a wooden flower arrangement or a wooden bouquet, it is so easy to overlook the filler flowers accompanying bright, vivid, and elegant wooden blooms. However, the complete and perfect look of an arrangement or floral bouquet is simply incomplete without the proportionable presence of filler flowers.

So many people ask us how to choose filler for projects. Here are a little formula and samples to help you mix properly. Filler flowers bring interest, texture, and shape to floral décor.

The perfect way to use filler flowers in a bouquet or floral arrangement:

To create an impressive eye-catching wooden flower arrangement you must have to know the right way to use a combination of fillers and focal flowers perfectly.

The best way to create a perfect floral formula of a wooden flower arrangement is:

Leafy filler base leafy filler flowers+ sola wood flowers = a perfect wood flower arrangement

It means to create a stunning arrangement or a floral bouquet first you need to choose a nice full base filler. This type of filler is green, leafy, hard, and a little bulky. In the next step, you have to select full fillers that are not leafy and contain their own fullness. These fillers don’t require the leafy bulk also to complete the overall looks of floral arrangements.

To give a wooden flower arrangement a finishing touch picks filler that will have just little pops and accents of color and texture. It is not about making the floral arrangement bulky.

Common filler flowers for wooden floral arrangement:

Filler flowers soften the floral arrangements and they are not as thrilling on their own, but they can make a monumental difference when combined with other flowers. Adding even the simplest of flowers will make the bouquet seem more sophisticated. Here are a few of the most common forms of flower fillers:

  • Statice

These flowers are the sea lavender, a beautiful purple flower that is simple yet elegant and symbolizes remembrance. Its thin and long stems branch out into dense flower bunches and look amazing in bouquets.

  • Gypsophila

Gyps or commonly known as baby breath flower and are members of the carnation family. They are cute, tiny flowers that look finest when grouped in bunches. It looks best in bouquets and centerpieces, but can also be included in floral crowns!

  • Snapdragons

The snapdragon is undoubtedly the most unique filler flower. With its long, slender stalks from bottom to top, this blossom is available in a variety of colors. They are most often used in bouquets to add height and diversity.

  • Dianthus

It is commonly called the carnation, the dianthus is an extremely popular flower that comes in a plethora of vibrant colors. As regal and beautiful as they are, dianthus flowers look best as statement fillers in bouquets.

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