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Documents that aren’t crafted well wouldn’t pass the standard when they are for professional matters. Just typing their contents, inserting scanned pages from other files, and doing similar actions without adjusting the document formatting accordingly isn’t going to make the cut. You would have to spend some time doing edits to make them appear better.

Your PDF documents can contain a lot of kinds of information. You might have included tables, charts, texts, images, etc. Sometimes, these pieces of data need to have their page layout adjusted. For instance, you might have to rotate some specific pages to make them easier to read and comprehend.

You can do this in a couple of ways. The easiest way is to use a converter program. There are many converter programs available for free download on the internet. Alternatively you can use the image editing software to convert your docx to jpg. When you are done with converting the PDF to jpg, you must save the document as a jpg, not a PDF. There are some limitations to this method. If you want to share your jpg file with friends and family, they will not be able to open it with the original PDF reader. Similarly, if you receive a PDF file from someone else, you will not be able to open it with the original PDF reader.

Rotate your PDF pages permanently with GogoPDF

There are many ways to rotate PDF pages with the help of powerful tools that you can find on the web. These services that you can use might be paid or free, but what’s important is that you can do the job. GogoPDF’s Rotate PDF is a trusted choice in this regard. It is an excellent piece of technology that helps you rotate PDF pages permanently.

This tool is a free online web service. You don’t necessarily have to pay for something if you want to do this action. Together with its powerful cloud technology, the processes required to save the page rotation you set can finish in as fast as two minutes. Go online now, visit its website, and experience its friendly user interface by doing the steps below.

  1. Choose and upload your PDF file from your storage and to the PDF rotation tool.
  2. Configure your options. You can toggle the circular arrows to rotate the pages clockwise or counterclockwise.
  3. Once you have set everything, save all changes made.
  4. GogoPDF’s Rotate PDF will save the rotation of your PDF pages. Download when done!

Multi-platform compatibility

This tool is supported on almost all known operating systems, web browsers, and devices. Such a capability makes it easier for you to access the tool since it won’t require you to be in front of your computer. For instance, you can access it from your mobile phone while on the way to your work. It’s quite handy, isn’t it?

Superb security and guaranteed privacy

GogoPDF’s Rotate PDF guarantees a seamless and safe experience throughout the PDF rotation process. With the help of standard encryption techniques, you can rest assured that your files are as safe as they can get. Moreover, be at ease because all the PDF files that you upload to the tool will be used only for the intended purpose. They will get deleted an hour after.

No installation necessary

One thing to look forward to using this tool is that it doesn’t require any kind of software application installation. All you need to have is your web browser and a stable connection. All the processes required would occur on the cloud. This case removes the delays that would have been caused by long installation processes.

Why rotate PDF pages permanently?

Apparently, your PDF reader can rotate your PDF pages while you are viewing the file. However, the rotation wouldn’t be saved and would revert to its original state upon closing the PDF file. Doing such a thing a time or two is not anything complicated. After all, you only have to toggle some icons. It would be tedious, nonetheless, to do so when facing lots of PDFs.


As such, we can say that one reason to do this activity is to make it more convenient for yourself and possibly for your teammates as well. Set the rotation permanently for once, so that you would not have to rotate it again when you get back to where you left off. In the future, you can save time and spend it on other matters.

Uniform formatting

Another reason is that there could be some pages in your PDF documents that need to be rotated. For instance, the pages that you scanned from other files are upside down. The pages containing tables might be rotated by ninety degrees as well. Setting them right and similar to the general theme of the rest of your document would result in better formatting.

There could also be instances where you have merged different PDFs into a single one. These various files might have varying page orientations. You can rotate the pages accordingly to make them more pleasing to the eye. Doing this is common when keeping track of records and old documents.

What you need to know about temporary PDF page rotation

Quite intuitively, it is easy to guess that there’s a temporary way to rotate your PDFs. This option is pretty easy to do because the only tool you will need is your PDF reader utility. It turns out that there is an option alongside the zooming and page viewing specifications that control the rotation of the pages while the file is open. 

You can locate the icon by looking for a circular arrow or text indicating page rotation. The buttons to toggle vary greatly for every PDF reader, but they are present nonetheless. You can search for the specific instructions for your PDF reader when talking about this action. Rotating your PDF pages temporarily can be done for some reason.

For instance, a PDF file might be shared with an entire team. It may or may not inconvenience your teammates if you were to permanently change the rotation. If you want to rotate the PDF, you can do so temporarily. This way, you can make the contents easier for you to read, understand, and make progress with while considering other people’s usage of the file.


Working with documents can be a headache at some point. The pages might be rotated inappropriately, making it harder for you to make sense of what you are reading. They can also be messy and cause inconvenience for other people. What you can do is rotate PDF pages. Tidy those files up, and make them easier to read. GogoPDF’s Rotate PDF is your friend in this regard.

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