Secret to Glow & Radiance: Ayurvedic skin care tips


Secret to Glow & Radiance: Ayurvedic skin care tips

In the world of modern medicine, organic and ayurvedic treatments have set their foot in the market. Some may prefer the modern medicine over ayurvedic treatment, however, that doesn’t change the fact that the latter is not appropriate. Many estheticians skin care tips also include the essence of ayurvedas. This is why in a matter as soft and delicate as your skin, it is important for people to live by the ayurvedic skin care tips, especially when allopathy has numerous side effects.

Mentioned below are some of the ayurvedic skin care tips that can help you achieve your skin goals:

1.Drink organic tea

Hydrating yourself is really important to get a glowing and healthy skin. There are several types of natural teas that you can try such as green tea, chamomile tea, lemon tea and ginger tea. They are also very important for a healthy digestive system.

2.Cut down your sugar and salt intake

Consuming excess amount of sugar and salt will damage the collagen and elasticity of your skin. It also effects the blood pressure levels and may cause heart diseases. Hence, cutting down on your salt and sugar intake surely will give you firm, toned and wrinkle-free skin.

3.Peel of orange

Orange peel contains vitamin C and other nutrients that keep your skin healthy. You can use them in the form of face pack and apply it on your face once a week and rinse of after approximately half an hour.

4.Fenugreek leaves

Both fenugreek leaves seed can be used for the treatment of your skin. The essential minerals and vitamins are helpful for the wrinkle free skin.

5.Desi Cow ghee

Desi cow ghee has several benefits for your body specially on your skin. It boosts collagen production, helps make your skin firmer and bright. It can also be used as a moisturizer. It also slows the aging process of your skin.

6.Tulsi (basil) leaves

Tulsi leaves keeps all the impurities away from your skin. It helps in improving the skin tone of your skin and helps freshen up your skin. Tulsi leaves are considered to be sacred and also is an important part of ayurvedic skin care tips.

7.Paste of sandalwood and yogurt

Sandalwood helps in improving skin by killing bacteria and germs and also cleans the pores of your skin. It also cleans the oily layer from your skin. Use half a teaspoon of sandalwood powder, milk and yogurt. Use this paste once a week to get magical results for your skin.

8.Aloe Vera and saffron

Aloe Vera and saffron consists high amount of nutrients which will be beneficial your skin. Use a pinch of saffron, as you know, it’s very expensive and one table spoon of aloe Vera and one table spoon of milk. Make it a habit to apply it on your face at least once a week. Wash it off with cold water. This paste has rejuvenating qualities.

9.Rose water

Rose water can be used in all your face pack mostly. It is mostly used as a cleanser or toner for your skin.

10.Clay mask

Apply clay mask on your skin and extract out impurities from your skin.

11.Raw milk and coconut

Use raw milk and coconut as a face pack for your face. Both helps in hydrating your skin and also helps to hydrate your skin. And helps in removing the dead skin from your skin. Hence improves the quality of your skin.

12.Cucumber and salt

Combine cucumber and sea salt with essential oil. It can also be used a face scrub for both men and women. The essential minerals in the cucumber and salt will play its part and remove the blemishes from your skin. Within a month your skin will feel healthy and glowing.

13.Almond oil and gram flour

Gram flour or basin will help in opening pores of your skin while the minerals in the almond oil will enhance the skin health. Keep the paste on your skin before it dries up and rinse it off with cold water.

14.Lemon juice and turmeric (Haldi)

Lemon juice and haldi both have enormous amount of essentials minerals which will improves the quality of your skin and also reverse the aging process of your skin. It removes spots from your skin and makes it soft.

15.Jagerry, rose water and tomato juice

This face pack of jagerry, rose water and tomato juice considered as a home remedy for your skin. Apply it once a week and see miraculous results for your skin. This paste is rich in antioxidants and also upgrades the production of collagen.

16.Avocado pulp

Avocado certainly has many health benefits for your body and once it applied on your face will give you inexplicable results for your skin health. It works wonders for dull and aging skin. Remove it with lukewarm water.

17.Pomegranate and cucumber

If you can afford pomegranate, mix it with cucumber and make paste which can be applied on your skin. Both helps in keeping the skin clear and healthy.

18.Oatmeal and apricot face mask

Unlike other face scrub this is not hard for your skin. It will make your skin smooth and soft and removes other impurities.


Organic skincare treatments take time in showing results but are long lasting. You don’t require money to make your skin healthy. You can find may items from your kitchen which can help you give a healthy, wrinkle free and glowing skin.

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