Simple ways to track your credit cards application status


The ease of electronic payments has now made it simpler to go cashless. With the widespread use of credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and other payment modes, the financial sector has also witnessed sweeping changes. More specifically, credit cards are now a go-to financial tool. One of the biggest reasons behind such popularity of these cards is the ease and convenience of use. As per a record, more than 125 million point-of-sale transactions and 323 thousand ATM transactions were made through credit cards in India solely in June 2020.

Credit card providers now allow customers to apply for a credit card online. Not only that, but a customer can also keep track of his/her credit card status online, allowing them to know the stage of application processing on the go. Knowing how far your application for a credit card has been processed and how long it might take from thereon to finally receive your card helps to streamline other essential financial aspects.

Ways to know your credit card application status

The application procedure for credit cards has been rendered simpler than earlier for a better customer experience. As both online and offline modes are valid for credit card application, you can choose between the two as per your convenience. Once you are done with your

credit card application online or offline, your application goes through a detailed assessment before its final approval from the provider. Following are the things which a provider ensures before processing your request for a credit card:

Verifying your personal and financial details.
Checking your credit history.
Checking your income.
Checking whether you hold a convincing debt-to-income ratio.

It might take a week or two for the completion of this process. Meanwhile, you can thus check how far your application has been processed. There are two primary ways through which you can check your credit card status, whether online or offline.

While there are several ways to get the most out of your credit card, and to stay ahead of your debt, tracking your application only streamlines credit availability. Following are the steps to check your credit card status online:

1.Visit the official website of your credit card provider.
2.You will need to provide any of the following details to log in:
PAN number.
Mobile number.
Email ID.
Customer ID.
Reference number.
3.After you enter the details, your credit card status will be displayed.

If you wish to check the application status of your credit card offline, you can do so through a phone call. Most credit card providers maintain a dedicated phone number through which they address customers’ queries. You can ask for that number from your provider and give a missed call to it. Once the representatives reach back to you, you can enquire about your credit card status.

Applicants can also opt for the traditional method of reaching out to their credit card provider. They can visit the nearest branch of that provider to know the status of their credit card application. A company executive would be assigned thereby to guide them through the entire credit card status inquiry process.

On cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you can benefit from a lot many online features and facilities as well along with benefits, rewards, and discounts. The card also comes with easy application and status-checking facilities.

You can also experience a simplified and less time-consuming financing facility with pre-approved offers from the concerned card’s provider. Along with credit cards, these offers are also available on several financial products like business loans and personal loans. You can check your pre-approved offer only with your essential contact details.

Choosing the right credit card provider is as important as choosing a suitable credit card as per your spending needs. You must look for providers who ensure helpful and reliable customer care service. Doing so would help you draw assistance regarding anything and everything related to your credit card such as checking your credit card status online. Other digital assistances to ease your credit card management also include facilities like paying your credit card bills online....

Know how to check your credit card status in simple ways

Transactions made through digital modes have enabled individuals to go cashless. For, instance, credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets are popular financial tools in today’s times. The usage of these cards has thus also seen an upsurge in India, owing to the ease and convenience of use. According to a record, about 125 million point-of-sale transactions and 323 thousand ATM transactions were done through credit cards in India in June 2020.

Customers now also enjoy a lot many online facilities on credit cards. For example, they can apply for a credit card as well as check the status of its application online. Here’s how to check credit card status online:

1.Visit the card provider’s page.
2.Enter any of the following details:
PAN number.
Email ID.
Phone number.
Reference number.
Customer ID.
3.The details of your credit card status would then be displayed to you.

You can also opt for the offline mode to know your credit card application status. There are two ways to enquire about your credit card application offline. One of them is to give a missed call on the number provided by the card issuer. A representative would then get back to you soon and address your queries. Or, you could directly visit the nearest branch of the company to know your credit card’s application status.

Cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard also come with a variety of online facilities, benefits, rewards, discounts, and so on, making them ideal for your financing needs.

Selecting a suitable credit card provider offering the best services is essential as well. It would help you manage and understand credit card usage in a better way.


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