Take Care Of Your Round Rugs, You May Be Committing These Mistakes


Shag Rugs set the class and fashion of a space and tie all other furniture together. Hand-knotted area round rugs are made up of over one million stitches tied one by one. Every round rug is a specimen of craftsmanship meant for smaller areas and to be kept under smaller pieces of furniture round rugs are mostly used for coffee tables, small racks, and coat stands.

These round rugs add a memorable element to a room’s décor, instantly elevating the glimpse of a room. They are one of the most universal pieces of furniture decor with multiple uses and are perfect to include in the festive spirit wishlist of your home. Hence, it is important to ensure that you are not committing any mistakes when it comes to round rugs. But what are these mistakes? Let us find out in this blog!

Mistakes You May Be Committing With Round Rugs

While choosing the right round rug for your space, make sure you don’t make these mistakes:

1. Buying a Rug Without Knowing the Purpose 

Does your rug fit into your living space, or does it take up space and cause a hassle while walking? Shag Rugs not only provide a method to filter allergens but also provide a unique aesthetic appearance. But sometimes, people buy expensive rugs without thinking about where and how they will place them. Hence, it is essential to understand the purpose behind buying them.

2. Not Keeping Cleaning and Maintenance in Mind

Many people buy rugs and just keep them in their homes, where they collect dust and stains. They barely pay attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of their rugs. Another important thing to remember here is that stains stand out when your rugs are smaller. Any type of stain vividly shows itself in the small round rugs. Food and drink spills, dirt trekked in from outside, pet mishaps, makeup spills, all of these instantly grab attention. You’ll probably find yourself spot-cleaning stains on your round rug much more often than with a larger rug. So keep this in mind when buying a rug.

Along with stains, general dirt buildup is also apparent when you have a rug in your living space. Foot traffic inevitably drags dirt inside the fibers of the rug. To prevent dirt, you will have to urge family and guests to remove their footwear before walking on the house rugs. Also, you will be required to actively clean your rugs, be it a quick wash, vacuum, or professional service. 

3. Choosing the Wrong size

Round Rugs come in different sizes. So, if you want to purchase a rug for a specific application, such as to underlay a coffee table, you should know the dimensions of the table, the area you want the rug to cover, and other similar factors in mind. And in case you are someone who might change their mind about the use of the shag rugs in different places across the home, you must ensure that you are buying a versatile option!

4. Everyday Exposes and their Effects

Heavy exposure to sunlight, dirt pollutants, and allergens eventually makes rugs fade in color and quality. Placing rugs away from direct sunlight and in rooms with a steady airflow ensures that they are not only well aerated but actively filtering out particles that are bad for you. Professional cleaning may remove or reduce discoloration. But in some cases, discoloration is permanent, requiring a new rug to be purchased.

Foot traffic inevitably causes some wear over time, flattening fibers and reducing fluffiness. On small, these effects are much more obvious than on large-area rugs. To prevent this, you must reposition rugs occasionally to ensure minimal wear and tear. Hence, experts recommend buying a machine-washable rug that withstands the test of time. 

5. Choosing The Wrong Round Rug Fabric

Round Rugs are built to enhance a room’s aesthetic features or provide a furniture piece with firm ground to lay on. The wrong fabric can defeat the purpose of sturdiness, slipperiness, or even long-lasting durability. Delicate materials would easily deteriorate, whereas cheaper materials won’t provide you with the same finish. Hence, you must ensure that you are buying your rugs from the best sellers. 

Where to Get The Best Rugs Possible

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You should stop committing the mistakes mentioned above to ensure your is the most excellent one and aligns with your needs and preferences. You also need to ensure that you are cleaning your shag rugs regularly so that they last longer. To buy the best round rug, visit Miss Amara today and select one from the wide range of rugs available.

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